Pure Glass Competition

Pure Glass Comp
Pure Glass Comp

Yes! It’s that time where we give something nice away, maybe nice is the wrong word….. how about a bit  EXTRA SPECIAL?

Up for grabs are a couple of spectacular Pure Glass items which if I had a chance I would take home myself. There’s a top prize (Which is going to be the EXTRA SPECIAL piece) and a runners up prize (Which is not too shabby if I do say so myself) and all you have got to do to be entered in to the competition is send us a link to a  crazy Youtube video (Made by you) along with an order number. That’s it! – Remember, the YouTube Vid has to be made by you!!! No two girls and a cup!

62 thoughts on “Pure Glass Competition”

  1. Hey edit, this is my video. Just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely competitions you do for us! They definitely work as im checking the site and blog daily to see whats going on!!!

    I requested the epic precooler but you guys had sold out before i got paid, bummer! Hope everyones enjoying that marvel of art and science. Im glad they got such a good deal on such an amazing piece. i cant wait till you get some more in tho!!!

    Top props on getting more downpipes from weedstar as they offer them at a super affordable price!!


    Hurray for the most enthusiastic comment ever!!!

    But seriously, you guys are good.

  2. 1338486

    This was made about 3 and a half years ago by me and a group of mates. Its pretty cheesy, but we’re proud of it!

  3. This is a vid me and my friends made some time back and our theme is “How to steal a water bowl”.

    Order reference: 1581658

    I need something PURE! :p

  4. me attempting snap 3 cones in one breath, that bong is sadly no longer with me 🙁

    Order number : 1570588
    thankyou! 😀

  5. Dno if im allowed to make another post but i like sharing vids, heres some more bong tokes as well as a song by me

    Order Number: 1453250
    Thanks! 😀

  6. Theres the vid of me n best mate and heres an order number 1417247
    Hope i have a chance.

  7. Heya, just wanted to thank you for the great post, I’m looking forward to your next one 🙂

  8. Quality is crap as it was taken on a cell phone but it was one of my best burns to date and with live music too!

  9. And if you want to see it better:

    That one was a lot worse of a burn (I’d had just started spinning) but much better quality. Both videos are of me 🙂 Thanks for the giveaways EDIT! I always love and appreciate them!!


  10. hey guys & girls ….

    please .. can someone explain to me where i have to send the “youtube-movie” ?

  11. strange things travelers do on their ‘trip’ A MUST SEE 🙂
    was taken at machu pichu

    hope you like it


  12. HIGH …

    order reference: 1432985

    hope i am the lucky guy 😀 Pure is really great !

    good luck to the other .

  13. Hey I already posted but wasn’t logged into my account. Don’t know if that means it won’t register so I’m doing it again.

    Order number be here – 1415789
    Youtube video be here –

  14. A visit from swiss friends and a tulip to my country Peru. the video had Curtis Mayfield song but damm copyrights hehe.
    Order number: 1551910

  15. Order number: 1504630

    Not sure how everyone else is submitting their videos so I’ll just post a link here.

    Video of me doing one of my other favorite hobbies:

  16. 1219861

    Don’t worry the small dog lives! sadly.. he was killed a over a year later by a big mean doggie… 🙁

  17. me and a load of mates living the life of booredom haha this was like three years ago btw 🙂
    o the order number is 1299279 🙂 X X

  18. EDIT Order Confirmation (01-030609-1228729)

    I posted my video first but i thought id get off my butt and get the order number for you aswell x

  19. here my vid. a practice day of drifting in arizona. phoenix international raceway. im the red nissan 240sx.


  20. i had this video online for 2 years now.
    its a video i made to send my gf earlier in our relationship. she was outta town, and im crazy!
    i think it matches the competition perfectly!!!
    order 1317848

  21. Couldnt upload this on youtube but heres a facebook link:

    forgot order number last comment

  22. Hey guys heres my video, not quite sure where to get the order number so if anyone could help me out tha’d be great!

  23. heres my buddy travis trying to run through a glass shower door. pretty epic video i made a couple years ago.

    order number:

  24. Hey Edit!

    Previous order: 1496016

    In this video I made the beat, wrote the lyrics and “sang” the song, and stared in it as well. The featured peice was from this site, but has since been broken 🙁

  25. i ordered a black leaf tribal dome perculator bong and its the best thing iv ever done, thank you so much edit for all the great deals and wonderful smoking devices 🙂
    order #1462237

  26. Here’s the link, a friend and I filmed a bunch of people screaming (of different ages) from our old school and we made a fun little montage out of it.


  27. 1385841

    Me and some friends made this “music video” for a school assignment tons of years ago it seems =)

    if you guys watch it baked, maybe we have a chance^^

  28. Hey, I want to win it… here is the video link

    good luck to everybody

    and good hits…

    daniel cruz

  29. orders 1580430, 1606853 and 1607087.
    the video link:

    I hope you guys like…


  30. Here is my order num. 1-280410-1543172 I will be back shortly with a vid of the one piece g spot bong. Its funny when people cough

  31. this is a video my friend and i did those are my nails and if the link doesnt work its GHOST NAILS ! on myspace video !!!!THANKS EDIT me and my boyfriend order stuff all the time .Our tribal dome perc is the best THANKS
    order number 1462237

  32. This is an embarrassing music video I made with my friends of numa numa…


  33. some of my friends got bored and wrote a really gay script. thank god i just filmed and wasnt a star:

    heres my order number: 1317277

  34. Vid of me and my friends hitting a few of our bongs. Been planning to make a video for a while, thanks to EDIT for finally giving us inspiration.

    Order Number:1515604

  35. Yo dude thats me ripping some dope glass of my friends. This PURE glass might call for another video lol. Daammn i wanna win SO bad


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