Pure Glass Competition


Dear fans…
In today’s post we received an unexpected, yet VERY much welcomed mystery package from our very dear friends over in the States, better known to you all as
Pure Glass. The box contained a great collection of promotional merchandise and here at EDIT we just knew instantly that this stuff should go straight
to our most loyal of fans. So here is the deal – all you have to do is simply post up an order number dating within the last 6 months and we will
enter you into our FREE prize draw. We will announce the winners of the competition in the very near future so make sure you continue to check out our blog,
Facebook, my space and twitter pages.

Surely you must be curious to know what it is you could be up for winning?… Just by entering you have the chance of winning one of the following 3 prizes:
A Pure Glass T-Shirt available in a variety of designs and colours or
A Pure Glass Cap available in black only or
A Pure Glass Poster & Sticker Combo

(P.s. Please also state your T-Shirt size – l or xl)

A BIG thank you to Pure Glass company πŸ™‚


124 thoughts on “Pure Glass Competition”

  1. thanks for the great deals and giveaways me and my boyfriend enjoy smoking out of our black leaf tribal perc bong it the BEST!!!
    order #1583027

  2. Order number: 1602947
    Other order number: 1555393
    Shirt Size XL
    By the way i am very excited about this competition i hope 2 win and this site is very good i hope you guys keep on doing good!!

  3. i love the website and all that this company is. i dont care lag, errors or etc i know the product is reliabe and trust the company

    md or lg


  4. order: #1638048

    wouldn’t mind a large shirt ey πŸ˜€ probably ~10th international shipment for me πŸ˜€

  5. I empty my inbox to often so i dont have any order numbers for you.

    i ordered the epic precooler near the end of july and the 29.2 four arm diffuser in june i think. Will be ordering a variety of diffusers and bowls this month and wish i could afford the pure glycerine coil!

    I love you edit and i dont mind if i dont get entered, just wanted to show my dedication and say thanks to you guys!

  6. buddyhomey, if you click order history you can get the order id’s.
    And good luck to you mate!

  7. ORDER no. : 1597349
    Size : XL please

    Thanks guys.
    In the words of 4 of my other favourite green things, ‘Totally Awesome Duuuude!’

  8. Order 1602594‏ – even with all the problems with the order you still where overly helpfull and got it sorted out a.s.a.p

    L t-shirt please!

  9. Order: 1336044

    Everyonedoesit.com haw GOT to be the best site i have ever found for…everyone who does it. haha

    long live EDIT.COM!!!
    Best deals on the best products! TOP OF THE LINE, AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE!

  10. Medium, it looks like i’m one of the few small guys in this category. But, if you only have L or XL, I would take an L


  11. dunno if youll see this frostb1te but thanks for the help although i couldnt figure out wat u ment i found an old box haha! Good luc to you too frostb1te and everyone else who does it!

    order number;1588056

    whoop whoop, way to conform!!!!

  12. Order # 1542977 XL Thanks edit just got a hat from you guys unexpected you guys are the best. Thanks.

  13. sorry its been a while edit i recently moved and when i win ill take a large πŸ™‚
    good luck everyone else

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