Pure Glass Competition

Pure Glass Bongs have kindly given us some great promotional merchandise to give out to our top fans – caps, t-shirts, posters and sticker packs included…..

After much dilemma about how to award the prizes out we finally decided upon picking the names out of a hat, but this is no ordinary hat and a big thanks goes out to
‘G’ for lending us his much loved bike helmet.

We decided to give the 16 prizes out for free in a prize draw raffle – it’s great that we received so many entries (including those that were double posted and those
that ordered over a year ago!… we did notice! Lol)

The winners are as follows:

XL T-Shirts:
1580540 Roorless whore
1656440 Jen
1645996 S9K
1640359 Sandherr
1664411 Jo

L T-Shirts:
1587841 Korken
1645425 BFly
1627847 Laura
1606740 Nick

1664451 Zer0
1633069 Dylan
1659681 Joshua G

1543172 John Meisel
1643631 Aaron
1588056 Jamieclarke
1630633 James

Could all these winners please confirm their name, Tee Size and postal address in an e-mail to marketing@everyonedoesit.com.

Also, we have some additional Pure Glass Stickers that will go out with purchases of Pure Glass Bongs whilst stocks last!


10 thoughts on “PURE GLASS COMP WINNERS”

  1. damn im startin to wonder if im getting entered nemore cuz at first it waz rainin prizes but im prob just havin shitty luck.. Any idea when the caps’ll go on sale on the site?
    N yea congrats to the winnerz

  2. Yes! Never really won anything before. Ha thanks edit for cool shit and give aways just as an fyi I am a member I just never log in

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