Pure Glass Competition

Pure Glass Bongs have kindly given us some great promotional merchandise to give out to our top fans – caps, t-shirts, posters and sticker packs included…..

After much dilemma about how to award the prizes out we finally decided upon picking the names out of a hat, but this is no ordinary hat and a big thanks goes out to
‘G’ for lending us his much loved bike helmet.

We decided to give the 16 prizes out for free in a prize draw raffle – it’s great that we received so many entries (including those that were double posted and those
that ordered over a year ago!… we did notice! Lol)

The winners are as follows:

XL T-Shirts:
1580540 Roorless whore
1656440 Jen
1645996 S9K
1640359 Sandherr
1664411 Jo

L T-Shirts:
1587841 Korken
1645425 BFly
1627847 Laura
1606740 Nick

1664451 Zer0
1633069 Dylan
1659681 Joshua G

1543172 John Meisel
1643631 Aaron
1588056 Jamieclarke
1630633 James

Could all these winners please confirm their name, Tee Size and postal address in an e-mail to marketing@everyonedoesit.com.

Also, we have some additional Pure Glass Stickers that will go out with purchases of Pure Glass Bongs whilst stocks last!



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