The Pure Glass Tie Breaker draw….


Pure Glass Percolator Bongs

Welcome to the revolution! Pure Glass Percolator Bongs are here and we have it all from Single Dome Percs to Single Tree Percs, Double Tree Percs and even Triple Tree Percs! We’ve got beakers and straight tubes in all sorts of unique designs and colours.

Pure Glass Percolator Bongs are magnificent examples of the expert craft of making superior percolated bongs, often shied away from by other glass manufacturers due to the intricacy of the work involved and the perceived fragility of the finished product.

Pure Glass are now leading the way with an exemplary selection of high quality glassware featuring smoke-smoothing percolators.



    Congrats everyone hope everything is put to good use. and DAM i wanted the pure but i still would of settled for the pipe or the grinder.
    Thanks EDIT for putting out these bad ass giveaways.

  • bambalambam

    I’m hoping that kuzhklown is the stoner he says he is. If he is it should be put to very good use. Congrats.

  • 420yoker

    I Agree be thankful that edit does these giveaways its a very nice gesture and the items they give away are very very nice most of the time i’ve only gotten a grinder and some incense but im still very happy for getting such a damn good grinder for free TY EDIT. Question tho if your not requiring order numbers dont you think maybe someone would make multiple names and give maybe 3-4 guesses for a giveaway? be careful some people are cheap

  • Dr. Bengele

    Nice, thanks alot 😀

    To make the “processing” alittle easier for you, here’s a old order# again;

    I’d like it in ‘XL’ (if there ain’t one, ‘XXL’ will do, if there ain’t one of those either, i’ll give it to the next known CT:er that posts here, if thats possible that is…)

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • jayjay

    Yeh but four or five of my friends have bought from here and i cant remember all the order numbers all the time but no doubt we have all spent our money with edit so we shud get into the draw fair and square

  • KuzhKlown

    !!!HAHahaha!!!..So Sorry Every1 Luck of Tha Draw, THANKZ EDIT Much Klown Luv..N bezt believe it will be put 2 Excellent A+++ Pluz Type Kare of..Have a Phrezh New 1/2 Oz of Skunk Kuzh 2 HELP BREAK IT IN..CONGRATZ ALL winners & ppl that Tried..Vist me at 4 pics soon 2 be coming..AGAIN n AGAIN MUCH THANKZ & 1Luv 2 EDIT 4 doing this and ALL these SweetAzz Giveaways 4 Their Friendly Neiborhood StOnErZ..Ill deff be stoping back by 2 buy sum Acces. 4 My New Pure Perc Glazz BONG just 2 Spread tha luv..
    Thankz Much Klown Luv,
    Kuzh Klown

  • architect

    great stuff, cheers guys, I’m more then happy with a shirt. like dr b though, if I can’t get one in my size (XL) then I’m happy to pass it on to someone else or to have it remain for the next draw

    assuming it is xl though please use the address my orders are made with under this name/email

    again many thanks edit, and congrats everyone

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