A good quality herb grinder can really save you some time and elbow grease when you’re prepping-up your favourite smoking blends.  Is there anything worse than a cheap, poor quality herb grinder that mashes your herbs up with blunt, ineffective teeth?

Here at EDIT, we understand that there are a number of important components that go into making the perfect smoking experience, and like a finely-tuned machine – it’s no good having one without the rest.  That’s why we have used all our industry contacts to source the very best range of herb grinders on the market.  Choose wisely folks, because once you get your hands on one of these superbly durable pieces, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to buy another grinder again.

The Quick Herb Grinder is made from high quality anodized aluminium for a light yet tough exterior.  The grinder’s ingenious design features plates held in position by screws and springs that can be pushed up by the use of buttons on the exterior to quickly eject all the grinder’s contents without the need for scraping, tapping or shaking.  The smooth, frictionless grinding action is achieved by the use of a polythene (PTFE) ring that ensures a tight seal, minimising spillages.  The interior moving components of the Quick Grinder are made from quality stainless steel giving you the strength to effortlessly pulverise even the woodiest of herbal matter or culinary ingredients.  A superb grinder that you will wonder how you ever managed without.

Space Case Titanium Grinder

The Space Case Magnet Titanium Grinder is made from a tough titanium alloy that is so strong it can even be used to grind up resins.  The alloy is non-stick, so sticky herbal smoking blends are no problem for the grinder’s razor sharp teeth.  Available in three different sizes the Space Case Titanium Grinder is an amazingly reliable grinder that will give you years of faithful service with resin, herbs or culinary spices.

Finally, a real EDIT favourite; the amazing Thorinder from After Grow.  We love the Thorinder, here at EDIT HQ.  It looks the business – gleaming electric blue anodized aluminium with razor sharp, bolt-shaped teeth.  The Thorinder is inspired by Norse God of thunder, Thor and it certainly ‘hammers’ the competition.  At 62mm in diameter the Thorinder is capable of dealing with bumper loads of herbs, ensuring the perfect consistency as the powdered product falls through the lightning bolt shaped sifting holes.  The Thorinder comes in its own gift box complete with a special tool for easy cleaning.

Our full range of grinders with a design for every scenario can be found HERE.  All available now with same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm and our famous price match guarantee.

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