Glass PUK Pipe

Six Shooter Glass PIpe

Coming second in the Cannabis Cup 2012 the all new Glass six shooter PUK Pipe is coming to EDiT and should be here very soon.

The Guys brought their Glass Six Shooter to the 2012 Cannabis Cup and won second place. However we think they should have won first place as the winner was the Big Buddha Goody bag….which is not a product.

The design of the pipe initially started out being made in wood in a garage in Ohio. Since those early days the owner of PUK Pipes has expanded and now produces CNC machined Boroscilicate glass PUK pipes out of custom built premises using a 3 axis CNC milling machine. So what does all that mean to you the smoker? Good Question! Well EDiT-Heads it means you get a very highly finished, quality product.

Glass Six Shooter

Each chamber in this six shooter pipe can be packed prior to leaving the house, then with a simple twist you move one chamber along for ignition. The two pieces are held together with a very strong central magnet.


It really is a very nicely designed glass pipe and something that we are very excited to be stocking here at The whole package comes in a tin box and has a price of £29.95.  EVM – Excellent Value for Money


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