The recent explosion in the popularity of e-cigs and e-liquid vaporizers has been a real wake-up call for many smokers.  The prohibitive price of cigarettes, the draconian segregation that smokers must endure in public places, the media-led social stigmas of smoking and the incessant whining and affected coughs of non-smokers all pale into insignificance as reasons why people are quitting when compared to the advent of e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

When portable vaporizers arrived on the scene a few years ago, the vast majority of models were designed for nicotine-infused e-liquids, created to help smokers quit the habit while slowly weaning them off the nicotine.  Before long,  herbal smoking enthusiasts spotted an opportunity – portable vaporizers designed for use with dry herbal aromatherapy blends or waxy oils and concentrates.

Predictably, this precipitated a glut of hastily produced vaporizers flooding the market very quickly; some worked, some didn’t.  Some were really cheap, some were really expensive, but what they all had in common was the delivery method:  Almost without exception, the first portable herbal vaporizers used exposed coils or heating chambers that were not capable of ‘true’ vaporization and instead burned or combusted the contents of the chamber meaning that the user was inhaling harmful toxins and particulates, rendering the whole exercise pointless – they may as well have been smoking.

PUFFiT-X Portable Vaporizer – Purple

Slowly, technology has improved and portable vaporizers have evolved to meet the needs of herbal connoisseurs who demand that their device produces clean, non-toxic vapour, free from carcinogens and particulates and bursting with the natural herbal flavours and active ingredients.  Discretion too, is now almost as important as functionality – now that the technology has caught up, people are now using vaporizers as their primary method of enjoying their favourite herbal blends at home, and also while out and about.  Clearly, herbal vaporizers had to be developed that could be used virtually anywhere without attracting any unwanted attention.  The original Puffit vaporizer was one such model.  Designed to resemble an asthma inhaler, the Puffit was a big hit with vapour connoisseurs, and now it’s back, and better than ever:

PUFFiT-X Portable Vaporizer – Green

The PUFFiT X retains the same styling as its predecessor – it is virtually indistinguishable from an asthma inhaler.  Small and compact, the PUFFiT X can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag when not in use, making it ideal for use when you’re on your travels.

PUFFiT-X Portable Vaporizer – Green

Unlike the original, The PUFFiT X actually achieves true vaporization.  By harnessing the forced air system found in the very top-end table top vaporizers like the Volcano, the PUFFiT X produces true vapour in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.  Hot air is forced over your herbs by way of a small fan inside the PUFFiT X.  The 3-stage temperature control ensures that this air is always at the perfect temperature to vaporize your herbal blends with zero combustion, producing thick clouds of tasty herbal vapour, free from toxins and other undesirable contaminants.

The PUFFiT X comes as a complete kit which includes the vaporizer itself, USB and wall chargers, cleaning wipes and a host of spare screens and mouthpiece covers all packaged together in a stylish, hard-wearing carry case.  The PUFFiT X represents a leap forward in portable vaporizer technology, and here at EDIT, we’re very confident that the vaping community is going to love it.

The PUFFiT X is available today from the world’s largest headshop with free shipping, same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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