The vaporizer market is moving at a pace with many new vaporizers launching seemingly every week. Trying to find a quality product in such a saturated market can be a problem, that’s where we come into our own. We check every Vaporizer we sell, we want to offer choice and great prices, but we also want to sell quality vaporizers.

The Puff It Vaporizer is taking the portable market by storm due not in some small part to looking and operating like an asthma medicator.

Puff It Vaporizer – Black

The Puff It is a battery operated vaporizer that has a temperature controlled heating chamber yet is so discreet it will pass for an inhaler. You load the chamber through the top and then press the chamber down like you would if you were inhaling asthma medicine.

You can charge this product through your computer or through the plug using the supplied cables. It has a temperature control wheel and fits nicely in the pocket.

Following the success of the e-cigarettes many vaporizers are following on that design, again looking not unlike one of these products is the Inhalator Vaporizer from Canada. Looking like an e-cig doesn’t mean it acts like one and this is a true vape in your pocket.

Inhalater Portable Vaporizer – White

The chamber on this piece is a ceramic heating element that wraps around the chamber producing an even heating environment. To further prevent carbonation your entire herbal matter is placed within a Poly Carbonate sheaf which acts as a buffer between the element and the herb. Resulting in a true vaporizing experience on the go. the inhalator vap has a temperature control on the base and cycles on and off over 15 minutes to safe your battery if you forget to turn it off, which is handy. They claim it will go for 11 of these cycles without needing a charge due to its large custom made Lithium Ion battery.

Both of these vaporizers are perfect for summer on the go vapping in the park, at a gig, or at a festival! Have fun with these brilliant portable vaps…

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