Pro-Case Bong Bag Total Tubular Protection

The Pro-Case Bong Bag provides Total Tubular Protection for your glass bong. Serious padding makes the Pro-Case seriously safe, and has been designed especially for the high-end bong market.

The Pro-Case 26 bong bags can hold the larger sized bongs such as Roor Fairmasters and Dealers Cups, which stand at an average height of 55cm to 60cm, while the Pro-Case 20 bong bags hold smaller and medium-sized bongs such as a Roor Little Sista which has an average height between 35cm and 45cm.

ProCase Bong Bags

A special ‘spring wall’ design keeps the glass bong fixed firmly in the middle of the bong case and the walls are thoroughly padded throughout, with padded side panels for extra storage. The Pro-Case Bong Bag has a double-zipper and a padlock and key to keep it secure. Four plastic feet on two of the sides allow the case to stand unaided, sideways or upways. The Pro-Case Bong Bag also provides you with handle options.


Large Pro-Case Bong Bags
Large Pro-Case Bong Bags


Medium Pro-Case Bong Bags
Medium Pro-Case Bong Bags


  • Blkmmba

    EDIT please contact me. i still do not have my order which i ordered jan 22, 2010. i have tried emailing edit but all 5 email addresses i have say message failed. i want my order and if you do not wish to ship me what i paid for ill take a refund. ive been saying this for over a month now. EDIT must have a completly new staff because this is the worst service I’ve ever had from any one company. I’m not even a first time customer. i believe i’ve placed at least 15 orders with edit.

  • Nick

    That doesn’t sound like EDIT Blkmmba. Which email address have you been trying?

    Although my last order yesterday I didn’t receive a order confirmation or dispatched email so maybe their email system is down? But of course thats still no excuse for waiting since Jan

  • Blkmmba

    yeah maybe the system is down but thats recent. i’ve been talking with edit back and forth with emails and each time i have to explain every detail like they dont keep records of emails. I make my emails easy to understand and i cant comprehend if there playing with me or what. For example i ordered 3 things and i only ever recieved one. I contacted edit and they said it would get fixed. i wait over a month and i get the very same item i already have, not even any of the other 2 items. i mean how hard is it to understand that???And now i have no way of contacting them. i have these 5 addresses btw nick

  • Nick is the one you want to be using, but I just tested and seems something is not working as usual over there because you normally receive a contact confirmation right away.

    I’d hold out until Editor reads these comments and I’m sure he will sort it all out for you right away.

    Also make sure to include your order number with every email you sent back and fourth.

  • Smallerbach

    i own the large ryot case and let me say it is the best thing i own bc all my addons and bong fit in there and it is discrete….my friends call it my trumpet case and with the ability o lock the zippers its even better….worth every penny and i have had mine for 8 months now and no wear or tear and nothing has broken even after it went down a flight of stairs.(i was a little hammered)

  • Ambush

    Fuck yes! Been waiting to see these for a while now, going to have to purchase one to keep my bong safe on the trip to ‘dam.

    Also Blkmmba, why have you been using addresses that aren’t even listed on the contact page.. lol..

  • Blkmmba

    ambrush- i have more email addresses because ive been a long time edit customer and ive gotten other addresses as time went by. im not a one time buyer like perhaps you are. not everyone speaks to edit ben or even knows of him. so go make an idiotic comment somewhere else.

  • Nick

    “Our mail server was undergoing maintenance for a couple of
    days. Apologies for the inconvenience”

  • TheEditor

    Blkmmba, my sincere apologies for not getting this sorted for you sooner. I have Zoads to get in touch with today as well, as I was meant to contact him just before the server went down. The problem with our emails has been fixed now, though we couldn’t send or receive for about four days. I also haven’t been at HQ every day this week and we are all dealing with the backlog. I’ve already seen this morning that customer service are getting your order sorted now, Blkmmba.

    Indeed we do have a new member of the team in there that is being trained up. It is a hectic department though and it can take a while for the newbs to get up to speed. They will get there though. Having the email server down for a few days is hardly the best thing that could have been done to help them, but they will get on top of it all this week.

    It’s been a hard week and it’s not over yet. Please bear with us and we’ll get there.

  • Blkmmba

    hey editor, i appreciate your help. also i recieved a call from you guys but obviously i was asleep since it was 4:41 am here. im up now so you guys can call back if you’d like so we can sort all this out.

  • Jon

    I’v been receiving the same treatment as blkmmba
    Just wondering if I should leave comments in this blog until my order is sent or money returned?
    My order was made january 28th and it is now March 8

  • TheEditor

    Yo, I just with customer service and they left a message on your voice mail a few days ago regarding the stock issue, plus offering a good deal on an exchange, as an option. They should be contacting you again this afternoon.

  • jfsebastian

    It would be nice to see a product like this made for the Volcano. Travel cases for the Volcano only seem to be sold in the US. I would’ve thought there’d be a big market for such an item.

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