Presidents Day

Hey EDIT-Heads! It’s President’s Day – a day of celebrating the legacy of those that have led our great nation, especially our very first president, George Washington.
Washington is, of course, universally revered for his leadership qualities, his legendary military acumen and for overseeing the creation of the constitution that still governs the US almost 220 years after his death. A charismatic visionary that Americans are proud to call ‘The Father of the Country’, Washington’s legacy serves to remind Americans of the values that the nation was founded upon.Aside from the history we all learned at school, when one looks a little deeper into the life of this great man, there are some surprising – almost surreal aspects to his life that demonstrate just how great he truly was.


It is a little known fact that our first president, George Washington was an enthusiastic grower of hemp. That’s HEMP, Edit-Heads – he wasn’t the first 420-friendly president!
Throughout his entire life, Washington farmed hemp at his estate at Mount Vernon for making rope, canvas sails, clothing and for repairing the fishing nets used to work the Potomac river.
According to records held by the Mount Vernon organization, Washington was fascinated with the hemp plant and it’s myriad commercial and industrial uses. So much so, in fact, that he openly considered whether it would be more lucrative to farm hemp than tobacco or wheat.


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