EDiT-Heads we have a real bargain for you today as we have managed to source a hand held vapouriser for you that retails at only £8.99

Glass Vaporizer Pipe


This classic design has been used for years to vapouriser a selection of herbs and smoking blends. Designed to be used with a lighter you place the the herbs in the bowl then heat the bowl with your lighter while shaking the herbs around gently. You will soon see a vapor forming within the bowl which can be gently sipped using the glass mouthpiece.

This is a truly portable vapouriser designed to be used anywhere in any weather. the technique for using this Vap is quickly learnt and you will soon find yourself using this Vape over other more expensive vapourizers. Its ease of use means you can be vaping within seconds of loading the chamber and you can see exactly what is happening to your blend of choice, thus avoiding any wastage.

You can find this together with a wide selection of Vaporizers over on our Vap page!

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