The Portable Solar Camping Shower has a more than adequate water capacity of 20 litres and for the price is a great value addition to your camping equipment.

Ideally suited to festival weekends when facilities are kept to a minimum, the Portable Camping Solar Shower attaches to something stable above your head such as an overhanging tree branch or door frame. Then just release the nozzle of the solar camp shower and the water, pre-filled and gently warmed by the power of the sun, showers out like a traditional shower to allow you easy access to a good scrub.

Camping equipment is getting ever more sophisticated and this Solar Portable Shower is a fine example, giving you the opportunity of remaining reasonably fresh and jaunty every single day.

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Portable Camping Shower - Solar-Heated
Portable Camping Shower – Solar-Heated

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Several ladies now, enjoying the wholesome benefits of a Portable Solar Shower

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