Poetry Competition Winner!!!


So the month of April saw the beginning and end of the EDiT poetry competition, and to be honest the staff here at EveryoneDoesIT.com were overwhelmed by the amount of entries, and more specifically the quality of some of the entries!

Must be said, some of you got SKILLZ!

So after much debate and disagreement we finally managed to reach a consensus on the winner, which I am proud to announce is… Darrien Orsborn!

Their quality poem will remain as an EDiT blog post until the end of time ๐Ÿ™‚

If Darrien can email their contact details to marketing@everyonedoesit.com I will ensure your prize is dispatched ASAP!

Thanks again for all you entries… and remember there is still some crazy comps going on so be sure to check them out!

“EDIT is the place for ya glass,
Don’t even hesitate, place ya orders fast,
Its that monthly competition, is it April or March?
I am so baked I can barely read calender! ๐Ÿ˜‰
The best service online from G-man & Sketch,
From percolators, glass pipes even a p****n press,
Number one hands down for the EDIT CREW,
They give away free bongs, man the’re some crazy dudes!!!
Ya gotta love the quick shipping man,
I live down-under,
And got my stuff in 4 days without a stutter or blunder,
So I suggest you go and place another order now,
Guaranteed their quality won’t let you down ;)”

8 thoughts on “Poetry Competition Winner!!!”

  1. White guys must be judging this because this poem has no rhythm or it is missing a few lines. Pretty good though. Grats bro.

  2. i cant wait to see what i won from the masters from edit gotta luv this site thanks again guys EDIT FOR LIFE:)

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