If your socks were knocked off by the Pax and Pax 2, get ready to be wowed by the Pax 3. The dry herb concentrate chamber will have you blowing rings in no time. A wax concentrate chamber is also included so you can switch it up vaporizer style. When new models of old favorites are released, fans and foes alike always want to know “Well, What’s the difference?” and “Do the accessories and components match up with the new version?”. Don’t fret, we will break it down here for you.


  • Smartphone Application

This personal vaporizer comes with the ability to communicate with an app program on your iOs or Android compatible mobile device.

  • Aluminum Body

The sleek finish on this personal vape is made of smooth and polished aluminum.

  • Mouthpieces

Complete with a flat mouthpiece and extras for sharing, the easy glide size and shape is perfect for your lips. Compatible with Pax 2 mouthpieces.

  • Magnetic Charger

Simply place your vaporizer on the top of this powerful charger and up your vaping power to the limit. The 3500 mAh unit blows the older 3000mAh battery out of the water. Your older Pax 2 Charger should work in a pinch.

  • Multi-tool

A packing and loading tool attached to a keychain is the best fit for your new Pax unit.

  • Clean Up Components

Pipe cleaners and a metal poking tool ensure your occasional clearing out are a breeze.

  • Screens

Screens or gauzes can protect your dry herbal chamber from sucking in gross residue or getting too dirty too quickly.

  • Concentrate and Dry Herb Inserts

Choose between roasting dried herbal treats or vaping that sweet concentrate wax.

  • 4 Preset Levels

4 preset levels of temperature are available so you can pick the perfect heat to vaporize your goodies.

  • Draw Resistance

Pull on the pen as it heats up your goods then relax; the draw resistance is great so not one huff will be wasted.

  • Heat Distribution

The tanks and body of this vaporizer unit will keep your product heated thoroughly and evenly.


The holiday season can’t come soon enough! You can bet EDIT will stock up so you can make one of these new Pax 3 units your own fully compatible with Pax 2 components, as well as play Santa and get a few for your most deserving buddies.

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