Every smoker has his or her preferences when it comes to rolling papers.  Thin, thick, large, small, king-size, flavoured, unbleached – whatever.  We have them all at Everyonedoesit.com.  Plus, a massive range of filter tips, roach tabs, pre-rolled cones and rips!  In a nutshell, however you like to skin up – EDIT has it covered, and all at the best prices around.

These Pure Hemp Papers from Canuma are small sized and completely ‘tree free’.  Made from 100% pure hemp, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, while indulging your favourite hobby.

Raw papers are natural rolling papers, free from bleach and other additives, making them 100% vegan.  Raw have a massive range of different sizes and weights of paper, and have now released these Natural Unbleached Cone Papers.  Simply fill up the pre-rolled cone with your chosen blend of herbs or tobacco and you quickly and easily have the perfect cone-shaped smoke to share with your buddies.  The unbleached paper are a natural tan colour because of the lack of chlorine and each paper is watermarked to help prevent runs or ‘toe-nails’.  Each pack contains 3 x 110mm cones.

Isn’t it annoying when your buddy runs off with your skins?  Avoid the possibility of any dispute whatsoever with a pack of My Fucking Rolling Papers.

These King Size papers are not just a gimmick, the leaves are of a high quality and of the perfect weight for a smooth tasty smoke.  The packs are adorned with a couple of one-fingered salutes and the no-nonsense legend that tells all your thieving mates that those are YOUR fucking rolling papers.

For the finishing touches, our range of filter tips includes these Premium Filter Tips from Black Leaf.  Designed to make the perfect roach to tip a herbal cigarette, the roach material is in a handy booklet form, perforated for easy rolling.  No more tearing up the pizza delivery menu, no more shredding your rolling paper packet.  An inexpensive extra that makes a big difference to your smoke.

Of course, this is just a fraction of the many types of rolling papers, skins, rips, blunts, cones and tubes that we stock here at EDIT.  Have a browse through our whole selection – you’re bound to find the brand for you, all at EDIT’s price match guarantee, so you’re getting the best deal out there.

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