Team EDIT At Spannabis – Sunday – Day 3

Episode 3/3 – Adiós Y Gracias

So, the final day of Spannabis 2015 is upon us.  Sunday is traditionally the day of huge price reductions as stall holders attempt to clear their stock to avoid having to ship it all home again.

Sunday is also the day of the award ceremonies, which were held at 7pm on the outdoor stage.  DNA Genetics’ Tangie clinched top spot again – Team EDIT were so impressed with the Tangie we even bought T-shirts to honour this most special of sativas.

Before leaving the show, we had a final walk around just in case we had missed anything: we had.  We ran into the guys from Nexus Glass and saw their superb glass concentrate bubblers – stay tuned to the blog and social media for more on that very soon.

We visited the Silika Glass stand to check out their new lines; these guys have some incredible looking glass – dab rigs in the style of champagne bottles, honey bee themed oil rigs with beautifully made glass bee decorations – it’s all just so pretty.  Stay tuned to EDIT – Silika glassware coming very soon.

The evening, and indeed the whole experience was topped off by the electric atmosphere of El Clasico – FC Barcelona v Real Madrid, which just happened to coincide with the last day of Spannabis.

The bars and restaurants of the city were humming with excitement as football mad Spaniards enjoyed the world’s biggest club game.

Like so much else this week, Barcelona emerged victorious.  An incredible event, by incredible people in an incredible city.  We can’t wait for Spannabis 2016!

Team EDIT Heads To Spain For Spannabis 2015

It’s a tough job, EDIT-Heads, but someone has to do it.

Tomorrow morning, Team EDIT will wave goodbye to the cold and damp of the UK and fly out to Barcelona for a few days in the glorious Spanish sunshine at Spain’s premier hemp and cannabis exhibition – Spannabis 2015.

This year marks the 12th anniversary of Spannabis; the event has enjoyed huge support from the European counter-culture industry, and attendances have grown significantly year-on-year.  2015 looks set to be the best attended Spannabis festival to date with in excess of 33,000 delegates expected to make the journey to the Fira de Cornella centre in Barcelona for the show.

The city of Barcelona provides a stunning backdrop to the Spannabis festival – the architecture, culture and temperate March climate are all perfectly suited to an event of this type, and we’re looking forward to relaxing with our industry buddies over a few cervezas.

Team EDIT try to get to as many of these trade shows as possible – just recently we’ve been to the American Glass Exposition (AGE) in Las Vegas, the CHAMPS show in Denver, Colorado and The High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.  Each and every one of these shows offers a different perspective on the burgeoning industry and we love to exchange ideas with our industry peers.  We have also managed to pick up some amazing new products for the website from specialist manufacturers at these events, which you EDIT-Heads have snapped up in your droves.  Spannabis 2015 promises to be more of the same – we’ll be looking for new products and picking up tips and ideas from the community.

As usual, we’ll be tweeting, facebooking and blogging live from the event – follow us on social media for updates:

Twitter:  @EDIT_Tweets or @EDIT_Graham



Now, where did I leave my sun lotion……….

America Picks Up The Pace As UK Looks Backwards On Legalization

After marijuana was legalized for medical and recreational use in Colorado and Washington state last year, the rest of the United States seems like it is on a fast track to catch up legalizing the leaf.

Leading counter-culture magazine, High Times, has begun producing a weekly summary of submitted bills and changes in legislation which shows a snapshot of just how busy pro-legalization campaigners are across the pond.  As joyous as it is to read the ever-expanding list of states that are pushing for cannabis legalization, it also fills us with disappointment that we still seem so far away from anything like this over in the UK.

As liberal Americans begin reaping the rewards of the tax dollars generated by legal marijuana, even some of the most staunchly Republican talking heads are starting to come around to the idea.

Conversely, here in the UK, we’re still being fed the same, tired old nonsense from the powers that be.

Just last week the UK’s Channel 4 aired a show called Drugs Live: Cannabis On Trial.  The premise was simple – three well known TV personalities would take cannabis on television and report back.  In the interests of scientific integrity, there were three different types of cannabis: a low potency strain which the programmers referred to as ‘hash’, a higher strength strain which they labelled ‘skunk’, and a placebo that contained none of the active ingredients of cannabis.  Straight from the snap it was obvious that this ‘trial’ was never going to be a fair one: in the weeks preceding the ‘live show’ the media drip-fed us clips of Channel 4 news anchor, Jon Snow, claiming that a hit from a Volcano vaporizer had ‘robbed him of his persona’ as he sobbed away inside an MRI scanner.  This very public ‘whitey’ was neither informative nor helpful.  All it really did is reaffirm public opinion that once again, the prohibitionists were being given the oxygen of publicity with very little consideration for science, or indeed, the truth.  Snow is not a regular smoker.  He nailed TWO full balloons of pure vapour, then got inside an MRI machine.  Seriously, what did he think was going to happen?

In the days following Drugs Live, politicians and journalists queued up to stick the boot in.  The British media was full of columns discussing addiction issues and referring to the herb as ‘a gateway drug’.  Neither Drugs Live nor any article we have seen in the mainstream media has properly made the distinction between what the media call ‘skunk cannabis’ and the actual skunk strain – Skunk #1 – these are two very different things, and the use of the word ‘skunk’ can only be there to create confusion.

With the UK’s general election in May fast approaching, many would have thought that this would be a good time for ambitious politicians to embrace the idea of legalizing and taxing marijuana.  After all, a live poll conducted on the Drugs Live show declared that 84% of Britons favoured legalization.  Yet still nobody seems interested.  Natalie Bennett of the Green Party has said that her party would decriminalize cannabis immediately if they were elected – which they won’t be.  Miliband of Labour believes in further criminalization of drugs – especially research chemicals or so called legal highs.  Incumbent Premier, David Cameron believes no reform is necessary, stating that current strategy is ‘working’.  Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats is the only major party leader to support decriminalization – but given that he reneged on virtually all of his pre-election promises when he formed the coalition government last time – who really believes him?

Overall, it’s a pretty grim picture for UK cannabis advocates.  As our American cousins surge ahead with new legislation, creating jobs, raising tax revenues, sharing knowledge and generally allowing their citizens access to this wonder plant and all the associated medical and non-medical benefits, we here in the UK continue to look back to the bad old days of Reefer Madness.

Britain, the nation of Darwin, Lyell, Hawking and Newton is being made to look a bit thick on this issue and it’s ‘high’ time, we rose up and did something about it.

EDIT Valentine’s Day Price Massacre

Love is in the air, EDIT-Heads!  And here at EDIT HQ, we’re showing you the love with HUGE discounts over hundreds of products from all over the site.

We’re offering FREE Worldwide shipping on all orders until close of business today (9/2/15) so you can order your romantic gifts in plenty of time, without paying the shipping costs.

As well as saving money on shipping, we have slashed prices on a variety of products that would make ideal gifts for that special smoker in your life:

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm - Jah Rasta

German glass masters, Roor, are a byword for top quality glass smoking apparatus.  With appropriate maintenance, a Roor tube will last the lucky owner a lifetime, such is the quality of glass and the skill of the lampworkers who make the bongs.

The Jah Rasta Custom Icemaster is a tall, straight tube standing 55cm in height on a sturdy, round base.  Constructed from 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this beautiful bong is a real treat to look at; the bowl and mouthpiece are elaborately decorated with coloured glass beads and embellishments.  The top of the tube features glass bubbles just above the main decal – a large RooR logo printed down the tube in bold rasta colours.  The tube is equipped with ice notches which allow you to place ice cubes inside the bong for a super frosty hit.  This superb quality glass tube is going to be a real talking point for whoever snaps it up – not least because they’ll be able to boast of buying it with a saving of £191.41!  That’s 38% off!  Bargain!

My Weigh Palmscale 8 Advance - Digital Weighing Scales (800g x 0.1g)Hand-Made Pure Vegetable Soap - Hemp & Scrub Effect

Our Cheap Gifts section is full of products that we think will make excellent offerings without breaking the bank.  Check out the range of hemp-based soaps and cosmetics.  We have heavily discounted rolling boxes and storage containers.  Cheap digital scales and rolling trays and much, much more.

Whatever you buy your beloved this Valentine’s Day, may we be the first to wish you all the very best.  Stay tunes to EDIT for the best deals, the latest products and the cheapest shipping options.  Why not sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed of our latest offers before they happen?  You also get exclusive members discount codes each month to make even bigger savings on the site.

EDIT Launches BIG Christmas Giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to announce that our amazing Christmas Giveaway promotion starts today!

726x208 Xmas Giveaway

To be in with a chance of winning, simply make any purchase from EDIT during December for free entry into our prize draw.

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Good luck to everyone!

Greengo – The only way to go!

It only took 3 board meetings, 14 pads of paper and 2 cement mixers of coffee to come up with the perfect title, well chuffed!

Ok back to the product at hand and this is currently holding its own amongst the big boys of our Paper Range, introducing the new and highly recommended, WINNER OF THE EUROPEAN PRODUCT AWARD 2011………………….Greengo!

150_Greengo-Natural-Unbleached-Chlorine-Free-Roach-Tips            150_Greengo-Natural-Unbleached-King-Size-Smoking-Papers                 150_greengo-stone

That’s true, and rightly so.
With a selection of unbleached papers (making this sit comfortably amongst the healthy bunch of accessories) available in Kingsize OR Regular, they are 100% TCF meaning they’re totally Chlorine Free, which can only be a good thing.

Oh, and even the packaging is made from recycled paper…….

Now the Humidifying Stone is a great way to prevent your tobacco from drying out, all you need to do is literally add a few drops of water to this and keep it in your pouch, and your baccy will be kept brilliantly moist for a long while!

And as for the gold star, they are produced and manufactured with the least possible impact on the environment, this is healthy AND is reusable, so looks like other brands might need to step up their game somewhat.

So what are you waiting for, head over to our Greengo Section and pick up yourself up one of the most healthiest and enjoyable smoking accessories available TODAY!!!

Hemp HoodLamb Winter Jackets For Women

Hemp Hoodlamb Winter Jackets For Women

The Ladies HoodLamb Classic Jacket is what HoodLamb coats are famous for. Renowned for its unrivaled comfort, style and durability, the Classic HoodLamb Jacket for women includes many special features like a rolling paper dispenser, secret pocket and music pockets with earphone loops.

The Ladies HoodLamb Long Jacket proves nothing beats a stylish long coat for winter and fall. Key design features off the HoodLamb Long Coat are its sharp lines, 9mm double zipper, snap belt on back and detachable hood. It also includes a rolling paper dispenser, secret pocket and music pocket with earphone loops.

Hemp Hoodlamb Winter Jackets For Women

·         HoodLamb Ladies Winter Jacket – Long Coat Black

·         HoodLamb Ladies Winter Jacket – Classic Black

·         HoodLamb Ladies Winter Jacket – Classic Natural

·         HoodLamb Ladies Winter Jacket – Classic Brown

·         HoodLamb Ladies Winter Jacket – Classic Khaki

Hemp HoodLamb Winter Jackets For Men

Hemp Hoodlamb Winter Jackets For Men

This HoodLamb Classic Jacket is thoroughly tested and improved more and more towards perfection. Over the years, the Classic HoodLamb hemp coat has evolved into a jacket that’s every man’s best friend in the Winter months. It is truly is the ultimate activity jacket, making sure your are never left in the cold and featuring great functionalities like e a rolling paper dispenser, secret pocket and special game and music pockets.

The HoodLamb Tech 4-20 is the jacket made for gadget freaks. Taking it back to the streets with clever sleeve pockets which make sure your cell phone and music device are always within the shake of an arm’s reach. The hemp HoodLamb Tech 4-20 has a thinner Satifur lining than the Classic HoodLamb, making it more suitable for milder Winter days.

Hemp Hoodlamb Winter Jackets For Men

·         HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Tech420 Black

·         HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Classic Black

·         HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Classic Brown

·         HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Classic Navy

·         HoodLamb Winter Jacket – Classic Khaki

Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade

Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade by Hanf Natur®is tender bio full milk chocolate with peeled and roasted food hemp. It has a tender bloom with a luxuriously exquisite taste.


Living healthily in a natural way is the healthiest way to live naturally and healthy living is the key to natural health.

Hanf Natur Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade


·         Raw cane sugar

·         Cream powder

·         Cocoa butter

·         Hempseed

·         Cocoa mass

·         Vanilla

·         Cocoa solids: 35% minimum

·         Milk solids 27%


 Hanf Natur Hemp Milk Chocolate Canalade May Contain Traces of Wheat


Buddies Hemp Plastic Grinder

Buddies Hemp Plastic Grinder is the world’s first grinder made completely of composite Hemp Plastic, now with 500% stronger teeth!


This revolutionary product contributes to the sustainability of our beautiful planet. The Hemp Plastic for this product was engineered and produced in Germany. The grinder was manufactured at their factory in Fuzhou.

Buddies H2 Hemp Plastic Grinder

Buddies H2 Hemp Plastic Grinder