A very special one-off Roor Poseidon Bowl in the colours of the Rastafari. Usually the Roor Poseidon bowls come in only two colours and we can’t choose them ourselves (sometimes better to leave that kind of thing to the experts) and this is the first Rasta-themed one we have received.

The combination of vibrant colours and switchback reversals make these bowls a great addition to any Roor bong, especially a Rasta-themed one, which has significance to the giveaway that will be launched on this blog later today.

RooR Rasta Poseidon Bowl 18.8


  • Admin1

    Hey dude, just popped it in your order. I managed to confuse the hell out of the warehouse staff as you managed to buy it before I had told them to look out for an order with it in. It’s the only one like it that we have ever got, though Roor could make it again hopefully. For now though it is yours and yours alone.

    Nice one dude. Look out for your tracking number sent within the next hour or so.

  • phil

    thanks Locutuz,didn’t realise there was only one.Was having a crappy day and getting this has cheered me right up.

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