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Here at EDIT, we know that very fine margins can make a massive difference. That’s why we stock our huge range of precision scales. Our comprehensive selection of weighing devices comprises kitchen scales, letter scales, bench scales and digital scales; So whether it’s medication, jewellery or herbs and spices, we’ve definitely got all your quantification needs ‘weighed up’.

JT-2 Scales – 350

There is a massive 43% off these JT-2 Scales 350 in our Winter Sale at the moment, saving you over £18. These robust digital scales are full of useful features, and can weigh up to 350 grams, making them ideal for culinary use and accurate measurements for specific dietary requirements. The JT-2 350 has a wipe-clean surface and comes complete with a protective cover.

Tanita Digital Scale – Professional Mini 1479V

Or for the magpies amongst you, how about these Tanita Professional Mini Jewellery Scales? Designed for the exact weighing of precious metals and gemstones, these premium quality scales are accurate to 0.001 of a gram. The Tanita Scales will also display weights in Ounces, Troy Ounces and Carats.

My Weigh i-Balance 5000 – Bowl Scale

The My Weigh i-Balance 5000 Bowl Scale is here for heavier duty weighing. Ideal for shipping, the kitchen, the laboratory or for precious metals, the My Weigh i-Balance 5000 features an innovative Add n Weigh feature allowing for the cumulative weighing of up to 50 items. It has a large capacity – up to 5000 grams and reads in 0.5 or 1 gram increments.

Dalman Miniscule Digital Pocket Scale

The Dalman Miniscule Digital Pocket Scales are the last word in minimalist discretion. These tiny scales are so small and portable they will fit inside a cigarette packet, yet they retain incredible levels of accuracy. The Dalman Pocket Scales feature 4 weighing modes, a calibration feature and come complete with a synthetic leather pouch for portability and protection.

So there you have it. Whatever your weighing requirements, large or small, digital or analogue, we have the perfect solution for you here at EDIT.

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