UK-based smoking accessory manufacturers Red-Eye are making a real name for themselves with their superb collection of innovative smoking paraphernalia featuring sleek designs delivering the ultimate smoking experience.

As the world’s largest Headshop, are proud to work closely with our friends at Red-Eye to bring you this stunning range of pipes and bongs at EDIT’s familiar low prices:

Rok-it Bong – Red

The Rokit Bong V5 from Red-Eye stands 23cm tall to ensure excellent smoke capacity.  The ingenious filtration system forces your smoke through a 14-port dual chamber rose, breaking the smoke up into fine bubbles, which cleans the smoke, removing carcinogens and particulates.  The result is a smooth, cool, yet powerful hit that stands up against anything else on the market today.  The bong can easily be disassembled for cleaning purposes and the interior metalwork is precision engineered from stainless steel to eliminate the possibility of water corrosion.  The Rokit Bong V5 from Red-Eye is a limited edition bong which comes complete with a purpose built metal flight case, spare gauzes and a bottle of Pipe Klena cleaning fluid.  A superb bong that no self-respecting connoisseur should be without.

The King Amazed – Black

The King A’Maze’D is the beautifully designed big brother of Red-Eye’s earlier Amazed pipe.  The King features a larger bowl, a quality chrome finish and crucially, a longer smokepath, producing an incredibly smooth, cool smoke from the unique ‘maze’ system which crams 55cm of cooling smokepath into a pipe just under 15cm long.

A gorgeous, compact pipe ideal for use on the go as the pipe can be easily stored in a pocket or handbag.

The Red-Eye range is available in a variety of cool colour schemes, so you can pick the look for you – our full range of Red-Eye Rokit Bongs can be found HERE.

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