Slicker than The Fonz sliding down an oil patch towards an…………er………oil shop, we proudly have a new member to the team, introducing Oil Slick!

150_Oil-Slick-Concentrate-3pcs-Stack-With-Jar              150_Oil-Slick-Concentrate-4pcs-Mini-Balls-With-Jar               150_Oil-Slick-Non-Stick-Concentrate-duo-Pads---Pack-of-2

We have 2 main areas available, storage and Pads with many, many more to come!

The Jars:

The array of colours guarantees no two are the same, they are the perfect case to hold your concentrates and just look plain awesome.

It’s all silicone so very easy to pop close and easy to clean, not only that, but you also get a free Kilner Jar to keep these safe!

Now the Pads:

Best used for drying your concentrates, they are made from medical grade USP6 Silicone which ensures quality whenever in use!

Heat resistant, solvent resistant and reusable, this unique material will ensure your concentrates are handled with all the love and attention from our friends over at Oil Slick!

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