All systems are now fixed, so in order to get your 30% discount please enter the following voucher code [BIGDISCOUNT].

Apologies boys and girls, it seems like the 25% DISCOUNT has just caused a few problems on our system.

We understand this is a major inconvenience (imagine how we feel :s)

In order to compensate for this and rectify the situation, we are now offering an additional 5% OFF!

Bringing your total discount to 30% OFF your TOTAL order (not including P & P).

However as stated we are experiencing severe technical difficulties, everything should be back and operational shortly!

In the meantime we will be manually settling orders, being sure to apply a 30% discount to all those from 29/11/10 from 00:01 (GMT) onwards!

This is not ideal obviously, however this measure is only temporary until the technical issues are resolved.

Again, deepest APOLOGIES for the inconvenience


  • Moggy

    Top notch way to deal with a technical issue. more money off 😀
    nice one EDIT. just placed my order should be a nice saving.

  • Comet

    While the technical issue is a bit annoying (especially for EDIT) this is a pretty classy way to handle it by offering more of a discount and doing it all manually. That said, I ordered another ROOR this morning and am looking forward to its arrival.

  • Thatwunguy

    I support their decision as well, it’s a pretty cool thing to do.

    Just to make sure there is no difference between US and UK: did anyone who placed their order see their discounted price at checkout? If so, where are you from (if you don’t mind answering)? I didn’t, and I’m from the US.

  • Thatwunguy

    I got mine today too in the midwest (USA). Very fast shipping!

    However, my vaporizer came with a broken whip!! Does anyone know about EDIT’s policies for sending replacements?

  • EDIT

    (Thatwunguy) – Of course my friend, just e-mail customer service with your order number and a picture if possible and they will be able to help you out. They are quite busy at the moment, coming up to xmas, but they are REALLY good and WILL sort you out ASAP.

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