We’ve been busy with the purchasing again, EDIT-Heads!

Our latest range of new products features a specialist collection that are specifically designed for use in the workplace.

Bespoke manufacturers, OfficeLab, pride themselves in creating functional, discreet smoking products that can be used in the place of work, alleviating the need to head home at lunchtime, or take the afternoon off:


The OfficeLab 4 Gallon Office Bong is the safe and discreet way to enjoy your favourite herbal blends without even leaving the workplace.

Standing just 5 feet in height, the 4 Gallon Office Bong is virtually indistinguishable from a regular water cooler.  Simply ask a colleague to light the bowl, and your afternoon of office-based tedium will seem a lifetime away.

The OfficeLab 4 Gallon Office Bong comes packaged as a complete kit, including the bong itself, a set of step ladders, and a free pack of OfficeLab Smoke-It Notes.


The HerbMaster 4000 from OfficeLab is the ultimate in automatic grinder technology.  Simply attach the specially designed HerbMaster attachment to your OfficeLab power tool, add herbs and grind away at over 7000 rpm!

The reinforced grinder teeth ensure that herbs are pulverised to the perfect consistency at a rate of around 2 grams per second.

Why wait around for sluggish manual grinders?  Let the raw, unbridled power of an industrial drill do the work for you with the HerbMaster 4000.


Smoke-It Notes are OfficeLab’s adaptation of the popular adhesive office sticker – but with a twist!  As well as providing a handy square of sticky paper for leaving messages for colleagues, the OfficeLab Smoke-It Notes double as perfectly sized rolling papers.

Why wait until after work to roll a herbal cigarette?  Smoke-It Notes are ideal for use during long conference calls, boring meetings, or simply at your desk while you’re supposed to be working.  Why not try passing a stogie to that hot chick from the accounts department instead of keep leaving your phone number on Post-Its and sticking them to her monitor?


The StaplVAPE is OfficeLab’s flagship portable vaporizer.  The ingenious design of the StaplVAPE is based very loosely on an office stapler with a few modifications!

The StaplVAPE is powered by twin 2600 MaH lithium-ion batteries, giving you the power to completely purge your herbs of all the natural flavours and active ingredients in the comfort of the office environment.

To operate, simply load your herbs into the heating chamber which is situated on the lower staple plate.  Click the StaplVAPE together in a stapling action and wait for the advanced LED display to indicate the correct vaping temperature has been reached.  Once ready, simply inhale the smooth, potent vapour by sucking it from the hinge end.

The entire OfficeLab range is available now from EDIT with same-day dispatch, FREE shipping and our famous price match guarantee.

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