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OCB Premium Slim range is even thinner and even more transparent than their ultra-thin White range and feature a holographic OCB logo on the packet.

OCB Premium Slim, plus the OCB Premium Regular papers and the OCB Premium Rolls are far beyond lightweight and ultra-thin and use pure flax paper and natural arabic gum, virtually transparent paper.

OCB Premium Rolls Box of 24 - £21.50
OCB Premium Rolls Box of 24 – £21.50


OCB X-Pert papers and OCB X-Pert Slim Fit are ultra-thin and almost transparent yet slow-burning. These papers use natural Arabic gum and so only need be licked lightly to seal them.

The OCB Extra Long should probably be called Extra Wide as they are a much broader alternative to the Slim range.

These OCB Double Papers (No.4) feature a hundred leaves in two rows of 50 so running out of papers is a much less frequent stress.

OCB Jungle papers (No.8) have their corners cut off for ease of rolling and are made with only the most natural raw materials such as pure hemp and flax. With the natural Arabic rubber also used, these papers provide an astonishingly clean and neutral taste. These are 50 of the finest quality leaves you can roll with.

Why not try the OCB Blue Slim whice are extra long and slim, but are a shade thicker than the White range and a lot less transparent than the ultra-thin Premium range. Or the OCB Crystal Transparent Papers are gum free, extra-slow burning and as transparent as air itself.ocb_clear_papers

Other OCB products & merchandise include:

OCB Slim Filter Tips
OCB Slim Filter Tips
OCB Automatic Rolling Box
OCB Automatic Rolling Box

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