We’ve been expanding our range of concentrate-related products recently in response to the ever increasing popularity of the dabbing scene and the demand for quality, specialized tools and equipment to make the whole process of dealing with sticky oils and waxy concentrates infinitely less difficult.

Today, we focus on these new, non-stick silicone dishes and containers from No Goo that have just landed on the EDIT shelves:

The No Goo Non Stick Containers are made from platinum-cured, food grade silicone making them non-toxic, odourless and heat resistant up to 450 degrees.  The containers come in packs of five of assorted colours so you can keep your collection of waxes and honeys nicely organised.

The platinum curing gives makes the surfaces of the containers completely non-stick, so you can effortlessly extract all of your product from the tub, without wastage.  These silicone containers close securely and even bounce when dropped!  The perfect storage solution for the oil enthusiast.

This range of non-stick silicone dishes from No Goo are made from the same platinum-cured silicone as the other containers to ensure you get to keep 100% of your sticky product.  There are three different sized dishes in this range – the standard No Goo dish, the round, No Goo plate and for larger quantities of stickiness, the No Goo non-stick deep tray.  Each is perfectly moulded for ease of use and the food grade silicone is odourless and non-toxic, so you can dab with confidence.

Our range of concentrate dabbers and utensils is also coming along nicely, with a huge range of implements in glass, stainless steel and titanium to choose from across a wide range of prices to suit every pocket.  Keep eyes on our ‘New Additions’ section of the site for more new concentrate products coming soon.  You can also follow us on Twitter – @EDIT_Tweets or on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/editfans

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