EDIT knows you can get this kind of thing from Athena (is that place still going?) but they also thought well, why the hell not. It saves you having to carry the thing home, resisting all the way the urge to hold it like a sword and run people through like the filthy plebeians they are.

It’s not the most extravagant Poster Range you’ve ever seen, but then this is hardly the most extravagant sentence you’ve ever read.

EDIT are going to see if this kind of thing is popular with their remaining customers and if it is then they will get a load more different designs. Suggestions are welcome.

May I also take a moment to personally persuade you of the worth of the Antique World Map poster, as it greatly aids the plotting of world domination. The Sexology poster and Mixology poster are also especially useful in these modern times.

Hopefully there is something there that will interest yourselves, whoever you are.

Antique World Map Poster

Periodic Table of Mixology Poster

Periodic Table of Sexology Poster

Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics Poster

Jimi Hendrix Colours Poster

Heath Ledger's The Joker Poster

Doris can't keep her trousers up

Danger Keep Out Poster

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Poster

Star Bloody Wars

Mr Men Poster


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