Throws. Some are under-arm, some are over-arm, and if you’re a Sri Lankan cricketer than they can come every which way including loose. Judges regularly throw cases out of their courtrooms, while the game of football regards the throw as a sacred ritual, with it being the only legal means of returning the ball to live play after it has gone off the side of the pitch.  

In celebration of the versatility of the ‘throw’ we have introduced some new Throws to our range.  

Why not hang one from the front of your house and declare to the world your love of the Throw? Because the weather will ruin it, that’s why.

Mushroom Throw

Wonderland Throw

Ganesha Throw

Dragon Throw

Celtic Throw

Full Range of New Throws:

·         Throw – Wonderland

·         Throw – Dragon Special

·         Throw – Mushrooms

·         Throw – Tettu Celtic

·         Throw – Ganesh


  • Feltros

    Loving both the mushroom and the triballey one, how large are they though?
    Would be perfect instead of all the uni posters supporting Boris Johnson around my walls 😛

  • Locutuz

    There are several more designs in the store. I kind of like that mushroom one too. Wonder how much shipping would be on that to the US.

    Also noted that the white leaf throw in the store says it is 48″. Thats either incorrect or the 2 guys holding it in the picture are awfully short.

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