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Brand New Throws to decorate walls, doorways and couches. One new design features a proud Rasta Lion and the other a traditional Dragon design. Enliven a plain room partition, reinvigorate a settee worn out by so many bottoms, cunningly conceal blood spatters or disguise unsightly bullet holes!
Thrown your dinner at the wall again? Don’t worry about cleaning it up and having to finally confront your raging inner demons as you slowly, humbly peel every single spaghetti hoop off the wall – simply apply a New Throw to the affected area and continue through your life in complete ignorance of your own mental fallibilities!
Been sick on the couch again? Girlfriend, boyfriend or non-sexualized housemate probably not in the mood to clean it up again this time? Then apply New Throw to the offending vomitous splashes and your house partner will never even know you lost control of your bodily functions yet again! Lies regarding the lingering stench of your self-ejected lager and kebab combo not included.
Rasta Lion Throw
Rasta Lion Throw – 140cm x 210cm
Dragon Throw
Dragon Throw – 210cm x 240cm

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