Sativa Hemp Bags offer durability, style and quality. The bags are manufactured using a combination of hemp and cotton, producing these trendy and stylish bags for all occasions. The bags come in a variety of styles and colours, and the mix of hemp and cotton ensures that each bag is strong and long-lasting. You’ll look great walking down the street with one of these unique, hip and modern Sativa Hemp Bags.

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Sativa Hemp Bags


  • Snapplecap420

    glad to see some new baggage, ive been looking for a small pouch for my bubbler so, maybe i can now find something i like 🙂

  • Admin1

    Yo, the whole Sativa bags section is going to be overhauled soon as well (recently tidied up the Roor Bongs section to make it easier to navigate through).

    The Sativa Bag section used to make sense the way it is set out, but the styles and designs have changed so much down the years that the different categories are a bit confusing now. We’ll trim it down so everything is easier to find. Until then, happy exploring!

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