Introducing the long awaited, much anticipated, absolutely astounding… ‘RooR Vapor’.

This herbal vaporizer is a mouth-blown, hand rendered RooR Vaporizer, made from 3.3mm borosilicate glass it has been fashioned by some of the world’s most highly skilled glass blowers.

The RooR Vapor comes in 2 different styles, the ‘basic’ and the ‘XL’, both of which can utilize the ‘RooR Vapor Body’ as a vaporizing chamber, which comes complete with integrated diffuser, detachable mouthpiece and removable glass bowl.

The ‘RooR Vapor Basic’ has a constant temperature of about 195oC/375oF which is perfect for most common uses.


The ‘RooR Vapor XL’ gives you a continuously adjustable temperature control between 90oC/195oF and 230oC/445oF for more personal temperature preferences.

The high quality glass of RooR is a taste neutral material, meaning it is perfect at preserving the taste of what is being vaporized.

It is hygienic, easy to clean, shockproof and heat resistant!

Thus the ‘Vapor’ ensures optimized vaporization, this was a key feature RooR set out to achieve and through rigorous back testing, and it seems this model has been refined to achieve just that… perfection!

RooR Vapor Vaporizer - 'Vapor' XLRooR Vapor Vaporizer - 'Vapor' XL

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