New Roor Collection Coming Soon



Yes it’s that time of the year where all the guys from bang their heads together to come up with some of the beast glass designs in the business. That’s right we are getting a new range of RooR bongs for you guys. We have some very exclusive top end bongs and some equally as nice low priced bongs from Roor coming your way.

12 thoughts on “New Roor Collection Coming Soon”

  1. I hope it isnt priced at 2500 quid lol hopefully you get some ganja nice designs on there and no gold, gold lucks takey =]

  2. I can see I need to start saving my money as there is always room for a new ROOR on the shelf. I could use a nice decently priced dealers cup.


  3. Very cool. Any idea if you all are getting RooR hand pipes as well? What about angled downstems?

  4. nice hopefully get one to match my desert dream or lil sister some roor bowls wud also be nice 🙂

  5. When will these roor bongs be in stock,yous are slacking lately most of your weedstar bongs been out of stock for ages

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