Rolling Trays and Rolling Tray Gift Sets

These well-crafted Wooden Rolling Trays are the perfect size for keeping all your rolling tools and accoutrements together. It fits on your lap or belly so you can roll up in complete comfort. The wood is well-finished and has two handles at each end, while the tray plate itself is decorated with a cool design.

The Rolling Tray Gift Sets are fantastic value, featuring just about everything a smoker will ever need for a good old smoke. It is shrink-wrapped and each piece in the set is lightly secured to the tray so that it retains its presentation quality.

There are papers and roach, joint holders, a grinder, glass ashtray and a lighter. A quality wooden pipe is also included in the set as well as a spare packet of gauzes. And don’t forget the well-crafted Wooden Rolling Tray that it all comes with.

A perfect gift set for smokers from all walks of life.

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