Quick Draw Giveaway!

UPDATE (Wed 17th, 4:42pm): Closed. Click here to view result.


I thought I’d put up a quick giveaway with some random glass pipes as the prizes as I felt a bit bad about so many missing out on the Rasta Roor Bong comp. This will be a very short giveaway compared to the last one and it will likely close early tomorrow afternoon.

All you need to do to enter your name in the hat is post a comment on this page and simply mention which of the pipes in the picture below would be your ideal prize if you should win. That’s all.Glass Bubblers & Pipe Prizes

307 thoughts on “Quick Draw Giveaway!”

  1. the far right bubbler is very cool with the orange and blue together. i’ve been wanting to get a bubbler for a long time and that one is awesome

  2. i would like nothing more than my prize to be the blue and white bubbler on the left. its lying down chilled!

  3. The one on the far left looks quite nice, matches my room and my cat. I also quite like the little hitter!

  4. the hammer bubbler on the far left thats green, white, and a little blue would be the one i would want

  5. The bubbler with all the crazy colors is the coolest. (green, white, blue) and everybody is invited over for the first session!

  6. that orange bubbla is amazing i smoke joints and have been looking to get a glass pipe i have never used one before!

    send it this way everyonedoesit!!



  7. The orange bubbler would be ideal because I don’t own a bubbler yet and I really like the look of it. I’d call it “Glasswork Orange”

  8. I like the white, blue and green bubbler in the left, If I don’t win it i’ll buy something like that

  9. I would love the hammer bubbler on the far left. I havent gotten a pipe yet and that one would be absolutely perfect.

  10. the blue striped bubbler is very very nice and it would go nice with the colour of my room x x
    i think its great you give away so much

  11. The tiny one would be awesome for a sneaky bowl at work, but I’d prefer one of the clear ones at the front, they would still fit in my bag 😉

  12. IM a fiend for all hammer pipes alike so i say the hammer bub on the left would be my ideal prize.

  13. That orange one would be cool for blazin. then you’d get the colour aswell as the taste of orange bud! 😛

  14. i would prefer the orange bubble second one in from the left rly nice lookin bubbler ive wanted a bubbler for awhile now

  15. Where is the “Only Theo can enter and win every one of those prices” sentence? 😛

    I’d like the bubbler on the right, then the bubbler in the middle, then the on the left 🙂 I can’t believe you guys do so many giveaways though, I’d love to have your job! I’d rig everyone for me, so it’s probably best that I DON’T have the job, haha!

  16. I’d have to say the Orange Bubbler is my favorite out of these pipes…and the Hammer would be a very close second as I only use bongs a new Bubbler or Hammer would be a great addition to the collection 🙂

  17. I’d have to say out of all those lovely pieces, I’m most found of the white/blue swirled bubbler on the far left. I’ve been trying to find one that is hammer shaped and also has a cool intricate of colors and that bubbler looks exactly like something I’ve been looking for.

    I think it’s really great that you’re giving away free stuff like this, makes me feel glad I purchased from you guys in the past.

    Keep up the great work!

  18. I dig that bub on the right, the colors are cool and from what i can see it looks like it has a small milli, and i generally like the sherly style over the hammer.

  19. Actually, change that. My favorite is the middle bubbler, then the hammer bub on the left, then the bubbler on the right. But who cares what I actually want, a freebie is a freebie!

  20. i would like the blue bubber on the right.. Raw a hell got the perfect bong to match it..!!!

  21. I think if I won I would REALLY like the orange and blue bubbler on the far right.:) I personally love this website and browse on it everyday!!!420! It would look very nice with my not so blooming collection!

  22. That bubbler on the right is pretty cool; I really like the color scheme. I love the site guys, keep up the good work!

  23. Amazing painting of these will come later in the night 🙂

    And I think your next give-away should be a Volcano(US voltage). That would be awesome.

    And if you couldn’t tell I’m quite incredibly bored at work and it seems like I’ll just be posting many comments here for the time being!

  24. I can’t remember if i actually posted or not, so here goes agen, far right one is the one for me

  25. the ideal one for me would be the orange one, cause i would laugh my ass of everytime i use it. its frekkin hilarous 🙂

  26. Far right would be my choice as well. Bottom portion of it looks like it has a lot of detail.

  27. damn those 2 cool lookin clea pieces in front look pretty sick….what r they…..ill take 1 of those if available…….thanks……maxwell

  28. my first choice would be the one on the far left, but second would be for sure the all orange bubbler

  29. My fav is definately that yellow orange and white stand up. It looks like it has nice n tight lines with perfect shaping. Although the one with the cobalt looks pretty ill too.

  30. The Blue Molino pipe(Far right) looks sweet to smoke out of, that would be my pick from the group.

  31. I would take the orange bubblers it reminds me of my brothers bubbler before i dropped it. It was a hilarious day but sad to see the bubbler gone 🙁 I need a pipe im tired of smoking from blunts there great but it always make my fingers smell

  32. I like the little glass pipe. Simple pipes are my fave. That, or one of the clear long ones. im not really sure what those 2 are called.

  33. I would also love to own one of those steam rollers i thought they were one hitters but it looks like steam rollers.. I would love to own one just because they can give a mean rip… and have you every seen unexperienced girls take a hit from it ah hahahahahah priceless!!!! they get scared of it after a few hits

  34. Definitely the bright orange bubbler. Fantastic colours, looks like it would be great fun to smoke with.

  35. I like the small pipe in the back. just a coloured glass pipe would be fine with me. I need a new one sense my last one, magmar, fell and broke

  36. Neat, I really like the clear steam roller type ones. They all look pretty nice though, I could use a new pipe. Great on all the giveaways, I know I’m bound to win one day. lol

  37. the blue and white bub on the right is a sick piece, and perfect for me because ive been looking to buy a bubbler as it is.

  38. i like the orange bubbler the most looks similar to the one my friend used to have

  39. the one on the far left or the one a little bit to the right. IM ABOUT TO WIN THIS SHIZZ

  40. time to get paid. the far right one is probably worth the most but the other ones seem better made, or at least more portable

  41. If I had to pick, I’d take the clear piece on the right. But that orange bubbler and the hammer on the left are both nasty too!

  42. The orange bubbler in the middle- or the blue, white and green one on the left ! 🙂 Either would make my day!

  43. i like the orange and dark blue bubbler on the far right.
    we could have some great fun together… or i could…

  44. either glass one. the one on the left is better but id take the right one (im talking about the tube thingys that look weird)

  45. wait this is for free? id take the biggest one… which is the bubbler with black even though it looks like a dick


  47. I really like the cobalt blue one on the far right, its got great work on it! id like this one 🙂

  48. yeah these all look decent i hope they dont have defects.

    bubblers break easy. id either want those transparant ones or that small bowl

  49. they all look dec. id want the orange striped bubbler for show and for good hits, the small one for traveling

  50. hit me up some of that small guy

    i would say the bubblers but i have one like that and i got it for mad cheap

  51. i like bubblers cause theyre like bongs but you can do them while driving and stuff (jk). ummm any of the bublers. the blue has a bad shape and the orange is too bright a color. i guess that other one

  52. The blue/orange bubbler looks ideal for me. The gentle orange curve on the mouthpiece as well as the striking craftsmanship, she would be my ideal piece for all of my “tobacco” extracts. Thanks.

  53. i like the spoon pipe because its small easy to carry around and its beautiful and plus i have never had a nice pipe like it before

  54. I have a really tiny one like that, it’s great for the spur-of-the-moment smoke sesh, but that blue and white piece is the one for me. The colors are sweet and the bowl looks like a great size.

  55. The big-ass orange swirly one!! Any day of the week no questions asked the orange swirly one!! I just broke my glass bong too :'( dropped it, trying to move it, but this would be a nice consolation prize 😉

    (The orange swirly one!!)

  56. Orange bubbler would be chronic, but i meen, any of these fine pieces would be for free, right?

  57. I’d take the little blue and red/pink one. Now that is a convieniant size for a glass pipe.

    The big one on the right would be a close runner up me thinks.

  58. I really like the glass work in the dark blue bubbler, but would be satisfied with either bubbler( dark blue or orange/white), But the one piece of art that really caught my attention was the blue/white hammer!

  59. really do like the bubbler on the far right side it looks sick as a lot of attention to detail.
    what a great comp you guys are having

  60. I like the blue Sherlock bubbler allot, it reminds me of my last bubbler that looked exatcly like that, and tragically broke when i was rear ended and it went flying into my center counsil. I have been longing for a replacement but nothing has caught my eye like that blue sherlock bubbler!

  61. i think the bubbler farthest to the left would be my ideal peice, ive never gotten a better sensation then the one from a glass bubbler, and i would make sure that it would get so freaking dirty with resin that i couldn’t clean that shit with alcohol and a putty knife. if i won that, holy crap i would be the luckiest stoner on the planet, amirite?

  62. if you send one of them pipes my way itd be real easy to put it in the box with my RooR Icemaster 7.0 that you guys are shippin out hopefully tomorrow.

  63. white and blue, i think that this bubbler is more stable than the other style which is more vertical

  64. The orange/blue bubbler on the right, would really like to have it. Suitable for smoking my blueberry 🙂

  65. one of those bubblers would definitely come in handy since i just broke my sherlock im feelin the orange since it matches my hair

  66. anything would be great, but especially either of the bubblers would be nice, but i definitely like the orange bubbler… a little more artistic/psychedelic

  67. i think that blue and white bubbler is gorgeous and would make a great addition to my collection

  68. all these pieces are awesome, but id have to vote for the orange cream bubbler. the color itself looks so smooth, i cant imagine how it hits!

    thanks EDIT!

  69. definatley the bubbler. they are so nice. i have wanted a new piece for a while but unemployment sucks….lol

  70. i would love any of the pipes tbh, they’re all nice.. but mostly the orange bubbler 😛

  71. Hmm looks like everybody likes the bubblers. I am taking a liking to the clear glass more though. Wouldn’t mind taking one of those off your hands and putting it in mine.

  72. i like the blue, green, and white bubbler. i like the sherlock looking one, but don’t like the colors. if i had to choose. the bubbler all the way on the left. very simple. looks like it would hit like a champ.

  73. Any of them but not the one on the right. I looks like a dick. Maybe the Orance or the hammer bubbler. Don’t have any water filtered smoking devices.

  74. I quite like the orange one,but not botherd which one im takin a hit out of.IN time on this one….GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

  75. all the glass pipes in this compertition is ture origainl art, as no one will b the same , i would b over the moon with any of them . but i have 2 say i do like the blue and orange bubbler just perfect for this time of year at festivels around the uk this summer …. stay high stoners xx

  76. I really love that blue bubbler you have here 🙂 and would like this one if I win 😀


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