Brand New Legal Highs & Party Pills

10% discount on these new legal highs & herbal supplements to aid relaxation or energise you for a night of partying. There are some brand new (100% legal!) herbal fun aids alongside some re-released established brands of perfectly legitimate dietary supplements focused mainly on fun provision.

If relaxing and passing a few hours of reflection and introspection is required by your good self, then we have the necessary herbal supplement for you. If dancing or just talking your face off all night is your next mission, then we can fully kit you out with all the extra energy you need to keep going until you stop.

Now, all new improved formulas that are 100% legal! And don’t forget, there’s a 10% discount or even more on these products for one week only!

New Legal Highs & Party Pills

Recent Legal High Additions & Re-releases:Lightyears Diablo – Strong As Hell

    • Lightyears Hummer Energy
    • Lightyears Exotic
    • Lightyears Hypnotic – State of Trance
    • Retro Mitseez
    • Retro Pink Champagne
    • Spaced – Pure Herbal Tranquility
    • Zonk Happy Herbal Capsules
    • Blowout Herbal Tobacco-Free Snuff
    • Star Dust Invigorating Bath Salts
    • Charge+ Herbal Bath Salts


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