We’ve just taken delivery of this awesome new range of glass concentrate dabbers from our friends at Red Eye Glass.

Red Eye Glass is manufactured in the USA where the oil and concentrate craze has really taken off.  Their exquisite collection of glass smoking accessories includes dabbers, pipes, bowls and dishes.  Here at EDIT, we are always looking to bring exciting new products to the market and we are delighted to be able to launch this new line of dabbing accessories today:

Lightsaber Glass Dabber by Red Eye Glass

The Lightsaber Glass Dabber from Red Eye lets you move your sticky stuff around like a Jedi.  Made from premium quality borosilicate glass, the dabber has a red-coloured glass shaft with a precision shaped tip for ease of use.  The top of the dabber is shaped like a Star Wars lightsaber handle with highly detailed decoration.  The Force is strong in this one.

AK 47 Glass Dabber by Red Eye Glass

When you absolutely, positively have to dab everything in the room, The AK47 Glass Dabber from Red Eye has to be the tool for you.  Hand-made from premium quality, coloured borosilicate glass, the AK47 dabbing tool fits snugly in the hand allowing for controlled, precision movement of slick oils and waxes.  The tip of the dabber is specially shaped to make incident-free dabbing of concentrates really easy.  A superb novelty glass dabber that will be equally at home in a display collection as it will in everyday use.

Carrot Glass Dabber by Red Eye Glass

The Carrot Glass Dabber is made from orange coloured pyrex glass by the master lampworkers at Red Eye Glass.  The carrot shaped shaft is slightly contoured to provide a comfortable grip and the top of the dabber is capped with green glass carrot leaves.  The precision tip tapers to a fine point for easy movement of the stickiest of stickies.

The complete range of Red Eye Glass can be found here.  All available today with our famous price match guarantee and same-day shipping if you order before 4:20pm.

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