The new stock just keeps on coming here at EDIT as we launch another cracking new range of glass bongs and waterpipes from Rad Smoking Systems.

As the largest headshop in the world, we are always looking for exciting new products to suit every pocket.  This new range of glassware from Rad is ideal for those just venturing into the world of glass smoking accessories, brilliantly combining functionality and affordability.

38cm Straight Glass Bong by Rad Smoking Systems

The 38cm Straight Glass Bong is the classic straight cylinder with a sturdy, round base, carb hole and large glass bowl.  This bong has the capacity to deliver a seriously heavy hit, which can be chilled out by taking advantage of the ice notches halfway up the cylinder.  The whole piece is topped off with the distinctive RAD logo just below the mouthpiece.  A classic glass waterpipe that comes in at well under £20.00 with EDIT’s famous price match guarantee.  Unbelievable value.

Nautilus Slit Dome Glass Percolator Bong by Rad Smoking Systems

The Nautilus Glass Percolator Bong stands just 29cm tall, but don’t let that fool you.  It packs just as big a punch as some much bigger competitors, yet retains all the smoothness you’d expect from a percolator bong.  The smoke is filtered through the slit dome percolating chamber, cooling the hit and removing particulates and carcinogens.  The bong is finished with a tinted green mouthpiece and the famous RAD logo.  This full glass percolator bong is available now, for under £25 with EDIT’s price match guarantee.  An absolute bargain.

44cm Straight Glass Bong by Rad Smoking Systems

This Straight Glass Bong stands an imposing 44cm tall atop a robust round base.  The main cylinder of the pipe features a carb hole, ice notches, the RAD logo and a decorative, coloured mid-section tinted with green and red glass.  A stunning looking waterpipe that delivers a terrifically powerful hit, this bong comes in at well under £40.  More great value from your favourite headshop.

Rad’s new range of bongs and waterpipes truly does have a piece for every purpose at a price for every pocket.  The full collection can be found HERE, all with our famous price match guarantee and same day shipping if you order before 4:20pm.

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