Gas Mask Bongs New Attachments

Our Gas Mask Bongs range just exploded all over itself! We have an uncountable FOUR new styles of Gas Mask Bong tube attachments! The first one we launched the product with was a simple acrylic tube, sealed at the end and coming in a variety of bright colours so you can pretend you’re at a rave. Well, behold the world upside-down as I reveal we now have open-ended acrylic tubes, allowing you to activate the vacuum (usually with the release of a carb-hole or lifting off of the bowl) with the palm of your hand like a Steamroller Pipe. Life changing on so many levels.

The good news for glass heads is that we also boast a ‘Sealed Glass Tube’ Gas Mask Bong with a lift-away glass bowl. You probably want to be sitting down when you hit this one. Chucking a whitey while a glass bong is strapped to your face is never going to come highly recommended.

So enjoy a sojourn in our Gas Mask Bongs Realm and delight in the abounding balls, skulls and snakes that abide there. Acrylic or glass, open-ended or sealed off, you decide.

Face Mask Bongs New Attachments

Enter the Realms of Gas Mask Bong

Sealed Glass Gas Mask Bongs

The Original Gas Mask Bong



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