NEW! Hear us RooR
The launch of the brand new EveryoneDoesIt website is now upon us. After over a decade of trade the website has had a facelift… now it’s the manager’s turn, and then we are GOOD to GO people! 😛

For us here at EDIT, this is a big deal, many months of hard work and re-organization culminate now, which is why we want to get you guys involved.

This fresh, new look is here to stay, and to celebrate this momentous occasion we have a fresh new competition for you guys.

From today onwards, if you place an order over £50, post your name and order number on this blog, and you will be entered in a draw to win a RooR Custom!
That’s right, there is a “big boy bong” up for grabs! 🙂
This RooR Custom is an EDiT special, we have been working very closely with the guys from RooR to bring you the EDiT-RooR special 1-off piece!
Oh yeah!… In addition to this, for ONE DAY ONLY… EVERY order will receive a little something extra to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Also please tell the G-man what you think of the new EDIT, it was designed with you guys in mind, so let us know if our efforts were in vain, as we are only here, thanks to YOU guys!


  • eriC

    The new site is definitely badass, Looks like it’s going to function better also.

    Such great work makes me sad that I haven’t been able to help fund it. But fear not, soon enough you’ll be taking more money from me then I care to think about at the moment.

  • chico23

    Darrien Orsborn
    order number:1900772

    man this new site is the bomb EDIT spent like a hour and a half on here last night so much to look at and so easy to access and find everything excellent job guys 10/10 🙂

  • Chico23

    Darrien Orsborn order number:1900772 great new look guys spent like a hour on here last night hahaha 10/10…

  • RW

    Order: 1905663

    New web site looks great and is easy to use!
    The selection and prices can’t be beat, and the customer service is superb. makes it safe, quick and easy for everyone to do it. Thanks to everyone at

  • Frederick Nevison

    Frederick Nevison
    Order Number : 1889176

    Love the look of the new site, you guys are awesome! Keep it up! 😀

  • stu-m74

    last 2 orders = 1894220 and 1934985.
    loving the new look site guys-someone`s been busy with the fingers!! lol

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