You may have noticed we’ve been out of the EDIT wristbands for a little while, but the new colours have finally arrived and they are now going out with every order that doesn’t have the ‘I’m sick of your effin wristbands’ box ticked on the check-out screen (it might not be there yet but it will be soon, or something similar at least).

There’s a small embellishment with the addition of a little character designed by one of the EDIT crew and there are two new colours in addition to the usual green, black and white. There is the Purple wristband for folk who like purple, and causing a stampede for orders is the new Manly Pink wristband.

New Edit Wristbands



Wristband Suggestions:

·         Collect the different colours or give them to friends or random strangers in the street.


·         Glue dozens of them on top of each other in a long tube to protect your bong’s vulnerable glass cylinder from the sniper fire of jealous neighbours. (Disclaimer: EDIT wristbands are not bullet-proof. Always consult your doctor before being shot.)


·         Cut them at the back and glue the ends of many wristbands together to forge one enormous wristband visible from space.


·         Boil a lovely egg of a morning and then refuse to eat it until you have hoopla’d it with a wristband from the other side of the breakfast table. Great for dieters if you have bad aim.


·         Use magic spells to bring the wristbands alive and do all your chores for you. (Disclaimer: EDIT does not condone the use of magic spells. Always consult your witchdoctor before using magic spells.)


·         Keep a wristband in every pocket so you know for sure that when you put your hand in there, it’s your pocket.


·         Colour-coordinate the wristbands in your pockets so you know, almost instantly, exactly which pocket you have put your hand into. (Disclaimer: Do not exceed five pockets a day. Always consult your tailor before using pockets.)



New Edit Gummies


  • Jake Smith

    Cool, I asked for one with my order a while back and never got one. I will have to make another order and hope they are not all gone again. I think I like the white the best.

  • Alvin

    damn both my last orders i wanted wristbands even when i made a bigger order i never got the free gift 🙁

  • blkmmba

    I’ve looked at the new design and i cant make out what its supposed to be? before the ‘leafy” design made sense but i just don’t get this one.

  • Ruth

    The new design is crap…
    What is it as it’s not a leaf..
    This shop has gone down hill..
    Of course, I am also a complete numpty..

  • Admin1

    Cheers Ruth, feels more like going uphill to be honest.

    It’s a little large-eared, big-horned demon dude with an ear-ring. He absolutely positively does not condone the use of drugs, unless your company is GlaxoSmithKline and you invent a swine-flu epidemic to scare the shit of of people into buying your brand new drug, just in time for the recession.

    One of the EDIT crew designed it and the original picture is actually pretty cool. I’ll try and scan it on here one day, unless more Ruths give us shit about it then we won’t bother. You also have to remember that transferring a design onto a rubber wristband isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

    Anyway, who says Leafy won’t make a return one day?

  • Jake Smith

    Its hard to tell what the design is until you are told. A little suggestion would be filling in the ear holes white. It would make it more obvious what those are. I like it none the less though. I thought it was a little demon/devil with some random stripes or something. lol

  • nigel

    don’t no about any one else but i have required a LOT of these wrist bands. if all the everyonedoesit web sit put all there wrist bands together that must be coming on for a world record. the most wrist bands collected


  • xophersmoker

    ordered my wickie pipe on august 28th. still not here. i live in california is that an issue. oh well i cant wait to get my wristband and my wickie pipe those are the shit!

  • Admin1

    It can take up to 14 working days from dispatch, so it should have arrived this week really. They can be a few days out of course, so let’s see if it arrives early next week. If it hasn’t arrived by Tuesday’s post, then drop an email to and get them to look into it for you.

  • i now have all the colors and 3 original green leafy ones ima hype lol i rock them like there goin out of style though thanx edit glow in the dark would be cool or possibly a camo or red or blue or orange that would be fresh yellow even or gray

  • headynugz

    My old white leafy wristband stapped a day or two ago but luckily I just got a new purple one wit my order I always have mine on and even found a use for my broken one

  • JamieRicker

    Love the bands iv got the whole lot… people dont know about the origanal band.. with nothing on them they were alot thicker, u need to be a EDIT fan

  • TheEditor

    We’ve ordered some new camo and glow-in-the-dark bands as well, though they haven’t arrived yet and I’m not sure how long they are going to take.

  • EDiT

    Hey mate, they come free with every order. If you really want one without placing an order than just give me a previous order number and I’ll have a couple sent to your address! 🙂

  • mickey

    ive got a blue one and a green one.i really want the white and my mate both ordered and got none last time.boooh.still love EDiT tho.can i not just order a wristband on its own?

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