The recent surge in popularity of E-cigarettes and vaporizers has seen a huge number of new products make it to the marketplace – each with different benefits, different drawbacks and a different price tag.

eKarma Disposable Electronic Cigarette – Regular

Now, eKarma, have released the eCig – an e-cigarette that delivers the equivalent amount of nicotine vapour to 40 real cigarettes.

The eKarma E-Cig is different to most other e-cigarettes in that it was developed not by electronics engineers looking to cash in on the vapour craze, but by an actual tobacco company, looking to offer a genuine alternative to conventional smoking.

eKarma Disposable Electronic Cigarette – Light

The eKarma e-cig looks and feels more like a real cigarette.  It weighs less than other e-cigs; because it is disposable it doesn’t need recharge tech or ports.  The eKarma is safer, too.  Most e-cigarettes draw the vapour over the battery – a potentially hazardous system should the battery ever leak.  The eKarma has a separate battery compartment, isolating the vapour from the source of any possible contamination.  The thick vapour produced by the eKarma gives the user a realistic sensation of a real cigarette, filling the lungs for a satisfying drag.

Each eKarma e-cig delivers the equivalent of 40+ regular cigarettes in nicotine vapour, after which the e-cig is discarded like a regular cigarette.  No refilling, no charging, simply replace with a new e-cig when needed.

Available in two different nicotine strengths – regular and light, the eKarma e-cig is available from at the bargain price of just £4.95.

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