Click on the pictures to view a new section for discounted products and reduced price madness. Discounted products available at the moment range from the Volcano Vaporizer, T-Shirts, Space Case Grinders, Roor Custom Bongs and Incense Blends. Have a look to see if there is anything that takes your fancy which has been nudged into a more affordable price zone.

Discounted Products:

»Volcano Classic Vaporizer
»Space Case Grinder Medium
»Smoke 3g Ounce Deal
»Magic Gold 3g Half Ounce Deal
»Disturbia Men’s T-Shirts
»Glow Shot Glass Set

»Roor Custom 22 – Crimson King
»Roor Custom 33 – Oasis
»WiFi finder Watch
»Toxico T-Shirts
»Rocket Launcher Alarm
»Power Popper – Rapid fire

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