Digital Pocket Scales

We have some new Digital Weighing Scales added to the site recently. The new ones (listed below the picture) are Digital Pocket Scales – slim and discreet and with a variety of capacities.

Digital Scales are extremely useful for weighing things. It may be that you need to know the weight of a golf ball in order to win a bet, or even the weight of a recently deceased fly in order to know whether it’s worth chucking into a spider’s web or not. There are so many things in the world that we wouldn’t possibly have time to weigh them all.

We can all do our bit though by acquiring a pair of these Digital Weighing Scales and logging the weight of all the small things that we encounter throughout an average working day. For a list of all things that have already had their weights digitally recorded, begin writing one and refer to it regularly to minimize repetition.

Digital Weighing Scales

New Digital Pocket Scale Additions:

  • On Balance Digital Scales – DT-1000
  • On Balance Digital Scales – Proscale (Pro-500)
  • Myco Digital Pocket Scale – MZ-600
  • Myco Digital Pocket Scale – MT-350
  • Myco Digital Pocket Scale – MJ-500
  • Myco Digital Pocket Scale – Mini-Scale

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