Bomblighters Windproof Lighters

Bomblighters are not bombs but they are lighters. In fact, they are metal windproof lighters featuring a wide range of designs, logos and colours. They are all limited edition, each Bomblighter being one of just 500 of that design made worldwide.

Making ideal gifts for the lighter needy, every Bomblighter Windproof Lighter comes boxed in a tin presentation case, which will make a good stash tin in its life beyond presenting lighters, should it manage to remain undiscarded once the lighter presenting work dries up, and let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of it about.

You can practice your tricks and flicks without fear of damaging an expensively purchased piece as you might with a brand new Zippo lighter at the prices they go for, but these Bomblighters come in at way, way under a tenner and the manufacturers offer them with full lifetime guarantees.

Four new Bomblighter designs have been added to the already expansive range.

Bomblighter Windproof Lighters


·         Bomblighter – Polished Chrome

·         Bomblighter – Spray Camo

·         Bomblighter – Bob Marley Reggae

·         Bomblighter – Black Spray

Lighter tricks video…

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