New Black Leaf Bongs


Good News!… has just taken stock of some amazing new black leaf percolator bongs & acessories that will be available very soon.
With a variety of shapes, sizes, colours & features theres something for everyone but be sure to get your orders in quick, these products are LIMITED EDITION pieces!
Look out there coming soon…black_leaf1

6 thoughts on “New Black Leaf Bongs”

  1. Sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will EDIT be stocking Black Leaf’s screenfix bowls? I’ve seen them somewhere else and want one badly, but want to buy it from you guys.

  2. hey edit, any idea if this has a carb? /online_headshop/black-leaf-inline-bong—nautilus.cfm?iProductID=8884

    will take one either way ! cheers guys.

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