black_leafBlack Leaf have come out with a new 5mm thick double dome percolator bong and let me just say “wow”. This new percolator bong is 60cm high and weighs in at 1300g, which makes it a nice strong piece. It has 18.8 joints as well as coming equipped with a diffuser. This bong is great quality glass at a more then reasonable price. Oh one more thing as well as having two dome perc’s it also comes with ice notches. What more could you ask for….



  • sneal

    Yes, it does come with a carb hole but it’s pluged with a rubber bung, so it’s up to you if you would like to use it or not.

  • Trey

    Awesome price…. I was already thinking about getting the clear one…

    this is verry cool…. I hope someone writes a review on this… I like fast clearing bong…

  • Carter

    Coming from someone who had a clear double perc’d, these pipes are going to have a little drag to them just due to the amount of water and the multiple chambers. But if you have a little power in your lungs its nothing. This is a great price on this pipe. If I didnt already have an Ehle 1000ml Id buy this and throw the new Epic ashcatcher on it with a diffuser all for about the same price.

  • Gawwick

    Why do they still make bongs with carbs? I feel like they should be absolute. It’s more of a nuisance than a ‘feature’ anymore.

  • Trey

    Yeah.. your right carter… even though I have monster lungs… I think i’
    ll go for a single perc bong… with an inline 🙂

  • Carter

    Good choice youll be fine. Check out the Weed Star Illusion Single Perc for the best price single perc imo.

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