As more smokers elect to move away from conventional cigarettes and water pipes in favour of the healthier and more discreet option of vaporizers, the market has seen a huge deluge of products designed for effectively vaporizing herbs, tobacco, essential oils and waxy concentrates.

Naturally, some of these products are better than others.  Cheaper models have been known to burn herbs by getting too hot.  Other, flawed designs have vapour coming into contact with plastic or other non-inert materials which taints the flavour of the hit.  We even heard a report of one particular model that was so flimsily put together that the temperature setting would break within a few days use.  Not good.  Not good at all.  Here at EDIT HQ, our expert purchasing team are always on the lookout for the very best products to bring to our store, and we know that despite the numerous products on offer, there is still a gap in the market for a well-made, functional, portable, discreet vaporizer for use with dry herbal smoking blends.

Enter U.S. manufacturers, Atmos, with their latest offering, The Atmos Transporter.  Atmos are arguably the vape industry’s leading brand.  Their enormous range of portable vapes are all reliable, well-made, competitively priced and superbly functional.  Each new release from Atmos seems to further push the boundaries of what is possible with a portable vap.

The first thing one notices about the Atmos Transporter is the styling.  The unit is modelled to resemble a hip flask or liquor flask, it even has a mouthpiece cap which completes the disguise – this then, is a vaporizer designed for discretion.  Continuing the emphasis on discretion is the oven itself – access to the heating chamber is via a swivelling door underneath the vaporizer.  The chamber on the Transporter is much larger than other portable vaporizers and will easily accommodate a good couple of standard bowlfuls of ground up herbs – ideal for sharing with your buddies.

However, it is the Transporter’s heating system that truly sets it apart from its rivals.  The Atmos Transporter features a ceramic heating chamber with an embedded heating coil.  The embedded coil means that there is no possibility of your herbs coming into direct contact with the heating element, which in turn means that your herbs cannot be burned.  Instead, your herbs are heated to a ‘goldilocks’ temperature just below combustion which forces out all the flavours, terpenes and active ingredients into a smooth hit of vapour, free from toxins and carcinogens.  (See our handy YouTube video HERE for more on how the Transporter works)

The Atmos Transporter, like most of the Atmos range, comes as a complete kit which includes a wall charger, packing tool, cleaning brush, user manual and a gift box.  The vap is available in your choice of three elegant colours – gold, silver or bronze.

Atmos have really raised the bar with the Transporter – this is easily the best dry herb vap that they have ever made, and probably the best dry herb vape on our site for this sort of money.

Order yours today with same-day shipping on orders placed before 4:20pm GMT and our famous price match guarantee.

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