Weed Star Glass have stepped up a weight to 7mm thick glass, and we have three of their recent designs to show off like one of Silvio Berlusconi’s new cabinet members (oh, for this man to lead little ole Blighty, rock up to Parliament and replace the entire front bench with Girls Aloud…).

 Firstly the standard non-perc’d Messias Illusions, ice and clear, have been given the 7mm treatment and they are very – to borrow a term from the 1950s and use it in a far more literal sense than was originally intended – heavy. 

7mm thick glass, beaker based and with a solid ‘tank cut’ joint, these absolute beauties from the WS Series from Weed Star Bongs features glass bubbles decorating the cylinder beneath the mouthpiece, which is also decorated with a coloured rim of elegantly twisting white lines.

7mm Messias Illusion
7mm Messias Illusion
7mm Messias Illusion Ice
7mm Messias Illusion Ice

Secondly, wrap your peepers round this 55cm tall, 7mm thick, double-perc’d Messias Illusion Ice featuring a 3-arm Tree Percolator and also a Coloured Dome Percolator above it for a super smooth smoking experience.

7mm Messias Illusion Ice - Double Perc
7mm Messias Illusion Ice – Double Perc

Lastly, for all your 5mm fetishists, behold the Single Tree Perc version of the 5mm Messias Illusion Ice…

5mm Messias Illusion Ice - Single Perc
5mm Messias Illusion Ice – Single Perc


  • Jay

    So tempting. I have a piece from the WS* line and it’s a great every-day smoker. There’s a reason they’re so cheap though.. the joints on my piece rattle like crazy and the beaker is super thin. Nice looking piece though and a great smoke but if you’re looking for quality, pass this up.

  • Michael

    I own a Weed Star- Mr.Li. I love it. use it everyday. Aswell as my Zong. I added A molino Glass Diffuser/reducer and a Ehle Glass Precooler.

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