Neder Blends Herbal Incense

Bubble Berry and Apple Krush are new herbal incense mixtures from Neder Blends to be enjoyed by the free, the enlightened and the damn right splendid. I can’t keep it all to myself though.

These new additions to the Neder Blends range use new ingredients and are fruitily flavoursome while helping create an ambient atmosphere in your mind. They do not, however, count as one of your five a day.

Available in 1g sachets and 3g packets. It does not contain any controlled herbs or chemical additives.

BRAND NEW Neder Blends Apple Krush & Bubble Berry
BRAND NEW Neder Blends Apple Krush & Bubble Berry

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  • roorless whore

    If one were to accidentally inhale one of these, would it still produce euphoria? I am wondering if a different additive was put in instead of one of the banned chems.

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