All hail the mighty FELTROS! For he has cast his naming powers down upon this Weed Star bong and they have been gloriously received.

Feltros, you have named that bong and are now the proud owner of a WS Series 3-Jet Tornado Superhelix!

I would also like to make a special mention to Austinnnn, who nearly nailed it with Triforce Hitmaster Deluxe, but was just outdone at the end by Feltros’ lovely helix explanation.  Big thanks to everyone who tried though.


Weed Star 3-Jet Tornado Superhelix

Winning is for losers, so why not click here to buy the new Weed Star 3-Jet Tornado Superhelix and experience the wonders for yourself! It’s available now, exclusive to, and bloody cheap for the quality of it. Snap ‘em up quick, boys and girls, these are going to fly out.

WS Series 3-Jet Tornado Superhelix
WS Series 3-Jet Tornado Superhelix


  • Feltros

    Would love to say a little bit about why this means so much to me.

    I had the opportunity to experience the cannabis cup a few years ago now, had my first proper experience with bongs and was able to test out the hurricane bong entry for the cup that year. Totally fell in love with the hurricane shape, the feel, and the smoothness – and have ever since been wanting that beautiful feeling again. (But not being able to afford this).

    I am so ridiculously happy its not even funny! And today was my very last exam in the 3rd year of my degree (I’m on a 4yr but it means in 3 weeks when marks are back I basically find out if i’m on track for a 1st or a 2nd class degree when I finish! – and whether I could quit early and end up with a decent BSc anyway!).

    Happy happy happy day 🙂 And looking forward to some happy times with this baby in the coming summer hol 🙂

  • Locutuz

    Congratulations Feltros. Enjoy your WS Series 3-Jet Tornado Superhelix! And good luck on the school thing.

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    Tornado superhelix. “YaY what a uniqe design and name” lmfao.. anyways grats again Feltros enjoy the toy,

  • Theo

    Congrats! Glad it went to somebody that wanted it so badly! I already have a Bushmaster Cyclone so I didn’t really want another myself. Once again, congrats Feltros!

  • phil

    Feltros all the best with your new done a lot of studying , time soon to relax and chill out .nice one

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