The Mummy Sleeping Bags come packed in a compression sack and feature up-to-the-minute styling and colours. One of the obvious features that set it apart is the hooded head-end which you can utilise for extra warmth and comfort. The foot-end is tapered to keep your tootsies totally toasty.

These Mummy sleeping bags are snug fitting around your body, they pack down nice and small, are light in the carry, while also being significantly comfort and warmth-inducing when it comes to the sleepy-bye-byes.

There may be somebody somewhere working on an improved and even better sleeping bag design than this Mummy one, but really, what would be the point? Here is the plateau of progression, my fellow human beans. As a species, we have utterly mastered this sleeping bag business and it’s time we concentrated on space travel and maybe some new kinds of biscuits.



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