Mr Nice Competition Winners !!!



After much pondering, I decided to pass your lovely stories over to the awesome folks in our customer service department; they kindly had a read over you lil stories and come to a conclusion…..

I would firstly like to thank all of you who entered, you make the competitions worth running, if I could you would all get a prize however there is only 1 of each item up for grabs!

By the way, some of your stories were more than entertaining 😉

So without further ado I would like to congratulate:…

-Trever Byers (Mr Nice – Senor Nice)

-Troy (Acrylic Bong)

-Theo (Cannabud Rolling Station)

Please send your name and postage details to and I will be sure to dispatch your corresponding prizes accordingly.

Congratulations guys, and thanks again for all your entries  😉

6 thoughts on “Mr Nice Competition Winners !!!”

  1. you guys are great and never dissapoint. btw first time i evr really won something, glad its from the best. thanks for all the comps. its really awesome you do that for your customers and thanks again from across the pond.

  2. Your welcome, appreciate the love my friend… always nice to know when someone is happy with our service 😉

  3. i forgot to add a roor poker to my order a few days ago, any way possible i can buy it and maybe be thrown in the same package…?

  4. EDIT… The monilo mini inlines…. do they have holes in the stem.. because to me it looks like it doesnt… and are they holes or slits if thewy do? I want to purchase it tonight.. please get back

  5. Just got my Cannabud Rolling Station, I started laughing as soon as I saw it! Thanks EDIT! You guys are great as always!!

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